Bride decided to ditch the traditional flower bouquets, and have her bridesmaid carry those six rescue puppies down the aisle instead.

Many people lost their homes as Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas. Many animals were also sadly abandoned, left behind, and displaced after the storm.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, an organization in Iowa that helps find homes for shelter animals, took in more than 100 animals who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Six of those 100 animals were adorable little puppies who got to take part in a very special day. Samantha Clark was getting ready to marry the man of her dreams, but she had a great idea to make the day even better.

Clark has three dogs of her own that she wanted to include in her wedding, but she thought it would be an even better idea to include dogs who did not have a home, in the hopes of helping them find one. That’s when she decided to ditch the traditional flower bouquets, and have her bridesmaid carry those six rescue puppies down the aisle instead.

Of course the bridesmaids were willing to ditch the flowers for these adorable pups and were in heaven while holding them. The wedding guests were in awe as well and the pups were a huge hit!

Not only were those puppies at the wedding, but AHeinz57 Pet Rescue also had a booth set up at the venue to show the guests all of the other adoptable dogs they had back at the shelter.

Many guests submitted adoption applications! The rescue has also had many people contacting them asking if they, too, could have adoptable puppies at their own weddings, as well as people inquiring to adopt the puppies.

Clark wanted to draw attention to rescue dogs and how important it is to find them loving homes, and it looks like she was very successful in doing so!

Once the rescue carefully looks through each application, these pups will be on their way to their new forever homes! There are still many pups left at that shelter, and shelters all across the country, who are searching for their forever homes.

Visit your local shelter today; adopt don’t shop!


He’s Looking For The Kids, But It’s His Next Move That Has The Family Erupting In Laughter

They didn’t hide inside the pool, but underneath, but they couldn’t fool the dog Mom playfully exclaimed, “Where are they? Go get them! Get the kids!” Their pet dog ran full-force towards the empty inflatable pool, stuck his nose right underneath, and lifted it up to uncover the kids’ not-so-sneaky hiding spot.

But when the kids ran away, it was the dog that got the surprise. The kids ran away laughing while their dog was stuck underneath the swimming pool. The dog tried chasing the joyful kids, but the pool went right with him.

The dog gave every effort he had within him, chasing the kids around the yard with a giant inflatable pool riding on his shoulders, obscuring his view. The whole family burst into an uncontrollable laughter as the dog just kept running and bumping into things along the way. This was a game of hide-and-seek that they will always laugh about!


Neighbors Hear Noise On Trampoline With Animal That Pops Up Having Them Run For Their Camera

The people were walking past their neighbor’s home when they saw an enormous Great Dane popping up above the six-foot wooden fence. At first, they thought the dog had some serious jumping skills, then they realized how it was leaping so high!

The smart Great Dane pup realized he could peek over the fence when he pounced on the family trampoline! So, using all of his weight, this hilarious dog jumped into the air over and over again!

Great Dane pups are awfully big even during the puppy stage. But despite his size, this guy is full of puppy spunk. He even appears delighted with his latest trick of spying on and greeting the neighbors.

According to PetWave, this type of excited behavior is totally normal for Great Danes in particular. The website explains that Great Danes can be as energetic as they are large, especially during the teenage period.”

“Young Danes are prone to ‘the zoomies’ – a term used to describe their demonstration of wild abandon and sheer glee that involves galloping, leaping, spinning and jumping on or over objects with an endearing expression of pure joy.”

So when this pup figured out that jumping on the trampoline was fun, there was no holding him back! Thankfully, the neighbors thought to record their bouncing doggy neighbor friend and decided to share it with the world. You have to admit that it’s hilarious.

Great Danes are truly a big, goofy and lovable breed, and this video is proof! Take a peek at the jumping dog that’s going viral. You’ll get a good laugh out of his antics, too.

We’ve seen silly pups in the past, but this Great Dane surely takes the cake.


Penguin Is Released Back Into Wild When He Suddenly Turns For Stirring Goodbye No One Saw Coming

The Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue in New Zealand opened in September 2017 for just such a purpose. Its mission is to treat and rehabilitate injured and ill native New Zealand birds.

The facility is operated by wildlife biologist Sabrina Luecht who specializes in endangered species. The work she does is completely voluntary and incredibly meaningful.

Apparently there have been many young seabirds struggling with starvation recently due to La Nina conditions. The majority of birds Sabrina has been caring for are shags, Hutton’s shearwaters, gulls, petrels, owls, kereru, kingfishers and blue penguins like the adorable one in the video below.

Sabrina cared for an injured blue penguin for six days. It had a noticeable head wound it had incurred from attempting to free itself from a net.

The bird was discovered trapped and injured by an individual who thankfully stopped to help it. The bird required pain relief medication, antibiotics, rehydration, special nutrition and rest.

Finally, the time came for the precious blue penguin to be returned to the water. Sabrina transported it to the ocean and walked out onto the beach with the rehabilitated bird.

She gingerly set it down on the damp sandy beach and it took a few tentative steps forward. She backed away, but the bird couldn’t bear to part with the person who brought it back to life.

As the waves crashed in front of it, the bird simply stared at Sabrina, unsure of what to do next. Discover what the blue penguin’s next steps are in the heartwarming video below.


Cop Stands In Empty Courthouse When He Suddenly Belts Out Chilling Voice Sending Goosebumps To All

That’s because the officer had his eyes set on doing so inside the empty courthouse for some time confessing, “The acoustics in here are awesome.”

Finally, after all this time of waiting the officer was finally getting his chance to sing his song inside. But this was no ordinary song. The officer picked out one that was very fitting for his surroundings and opted to sing the national anthem. Unbeknownst to pedestrians who see him solely as a cop, when Mike is off-duty he actually moonlights as a singer.

As Mike takes a deep breath he prepares to belt out his song – and when he does it is absolutely heavenly. He wasn’t kidding when he said the acoustics inside were perfect. The structure of the building carries out his voice in a way that gives it a beautiful and almost haunting sound.

Since the building is empty it truly carries out and vibrates throughout the entire building, almost giving it a slight echo. Officer Mike has the wonderful gift of voice and we’re so happy he decided to share it with everyone. Hear him for yourself in the video below.