Diver uses a metal detector on the ocean’s floor and ends up finding 300 year old treasure

For those of us who have been on diving expeditions in the past, we are typically lucky to even find a quarter or two at the bottom of the ocean and most of us would not even bother to pick up such a petty amount of cash. Meanwhile, there are divers who head out for their expeditions hoping to uncover various treasures and while many of them do not succeed, their ambitions are admirable.

When this diver (who is named Eric Schmitt) decided to go for a dive off the Florida coast, he never could have imagined what would happen next. The dive took place almost 300 years to the day of a Spanish ship being sunk in the same area. The ship was said to contain untold treasures and divers everywhere hoped that they would be the ones to find it for themselves.

While there are some who may be skeptical of Eric’s mission, this diver is the one who had the last laugh. He was able to unearth the aforementioned treasures and he came across all of the golden chains and coins that were left behind when a Spanish ship experienced a major wreck off the coast of Florida way back in 1715. The ship wreck took place on July 31 and as you might have imagined, Eric was very excited by his find.

However, it is important that we not get too excited here, as the good people at Queens Jewels LLC have the exclusive salvaging rights to this fleet. The ship was discovered several decades ago and while a wide range of divers have uncovered various treasures from the fleet in the years since, Eric has come away with the single largest discovery to date.

This is one of the most incredible moments that we have ever had the privilege of witnessing and we have no idea how Eric was able to keep his wits about him so easily. We would have been freaking out majorly if we came across a treasure like this one and this is the sort of discovery that is best shared with all of your closest friends and loved ones.

Once you have seen this amazing video for yourself, it is important not to be too stingy. While our first instinct is typically to hoard all found treasures for ourselves, please take a moment to pass this clip along to all of the landlubbers in your life right away!

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Caretaker Pulls Out Hose For Elephant Bath Time But Baby’s Clumsy “Dive” In Leaves Onlookers In Stitches

Taken at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand, the little elephant appropriately named “Double Trouble” gives onlookers a show they will never forget as he hilariously enjoys his bath to the fullest in the viral video. Slipping and sliding around the tub, he plays in the water without a care in the world. Splashing and sliding clumsily into the red bin, Double Trouble will have you in stitches with his adorable bath time antics.

While his caretaker attempts to rinse him down, he even grabs the hose to take charge, playfully swinging it about as he watches the water splash the crowd gathering around him. It isn’t until he tries to hop back into the tub that things go hilariously wrong, and when you see his clumsy next move you will quickly understand why! Watch the precious moment the baby elephant dives headfirst into the pool of water in the video below – his reaction is the best part!

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Driver Slams Brakes Seeing Fawn Collapsed In Road As Cameras Capture Nail-Biting Rescue While Mom Watches From Woods

The baby appeared to be “hiding,” its limbs collapsed around its body in an alarming fashion.

They quickly stopped the car and cautiously approached the needy deer. As they scanned the nearby woods, they spotted the fawn’s mother peering at them from afar.

When Steve took a closer look at the baby, he realized that it was still breathing and appeared healthy – and what he did next was nothing short of extraordinary. Now people from all corners of the globe are hailing Steve as a wildlife hero!

Taking a risk, he decided that if the animal was going to have any chance of survival he would need to intervene fast. As cameras rolled, he quietly and carefully approached the helpless creature, slowly bending down to see how it would react to his presence.

What he did next left the entire group in awe, as he gently scooped up the baby fawn and brought it to the nearby woods to be near mom.

While this man clearly saved the fawn’s life, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says that you should generally leave newborns alone.

“The advice to anyone encountering a fawn lying quietly alone in the woods is to leave it alone. Mother will be nearby and will be taking care of it once you move away. If you have handled the fawn, rub an old towel in the grass and wipe the fawn to remove human scent.

Using gloves, return the fawn to where it was found. Fawns can often be returned to their mothers if taken back to where they were found within eight hours. If a fawn appears cold, weak, thin, or injured, and its mother does not return in approximately eight hours, it may be orphaned. In such a case, you can call a local rehabilitator (look under ‘Animal’ or ‘Wildlife’ in your phone directory).”
Even though some newborn fawns may look abandoned, Momma may be nearby and within earshot. Handling a fawn in a non-emergency situation (unlike this one) could deter the mother from caring for her baby!

Thankfully Steve was in the right place at the right time!

See how this incredible rescue ends in the video below – this took my breath away!

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