Dog Left In Hot Car During Heat Wave Wearing A Diaper While Owners Went On A 2 Hour Hike

Stories like this truly make us wonder where people’s heads are at when they make certain decisions. The bystanders who were on the scene when this ridiculous choice was made could not believe it either. A dog was left to sit in a sweltering hot cat for several hours while her owners decided that they would see all of the sights at a local hiking spot.

To make matters even worse, the owners left the animal clad in a diaper, clearly indicating their desire to ditch their responsibilities for an extended period of time. While we like to give pet owners the benefit of the doubt when possible, this story is hard to stomach for any number of reasons. Authorities in this area of British Columbia were alerted and when they arrived, the vehicle temperature had risen to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dog was freed by the officers on the scene and a tow truck driver. Witnesses who were interviewed about the incident could not believe what they had just seen. The decision to outfit the animal in a diaper only served to make things more disturbing. The dog managed to survive the incident and was still perfectly okay when retrieved.

This made it difficult for the authorities to file any charges against the owners and they were given a $300 fine in lieu of more serious punishments. According to the SPCA in this region, no charges can be filed against owners in cases where there is no ability to prove that the animal has gone through any sort of serious or severe suffering.

If you ask us, it is high time for these laws to change for good. No one should ever feel as if it is acceptable to leave an animal in their car while they see the sights. The fact that the dog was given a diaper to wear only serves to make this story even more unacceptable and we sincerely hope that these owners are rethinking this insane decision.

Would you like to learn more about this astonishing story and how it all turned out? If so, be sure to check out the video below and pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. No one should ever be willing to treat a pet like this and awareness certainly needs to be raised about heinous incidents of this nature.


Older Woman Lives In Her Car In Front Of Her Home, Then Neighbors Learn Why She Can’t Go Inside

Theresa was living in her car in front of her home and this certainly looked strange to those who reside in her neighborhood. Her home did not have any running water or electricity and this made it so her place of residence was no longer inhabitable. Her car was also no longer safe to be driven and this made it so that she was essentially stranded no matter where she was at.

Fortunately, there was one special neighbor who was willing to do what was right and help Theresa avoid an uncertain fate. Justin Hernandez took notice of these awful conditions and even though he had only moved into the neighborhood a month ago, he knew that he could not allow Theresa to continue living in such a squalid manner.

In his mind, there was no reason for a woman of this age to be sitting outside in the 110 degree temperatures that homeless Phoenix residents are forced to endure. Justin decided to step up to the plate and do what others would not: provide Theresa with the help that she needed. Once he decided to intervene, he would soon realize that the true reason why she was refusing to go inside was a simple one: the place was in absolute shambles.

Once Theresa’s husband had passed away, she was no longer able to care for the home or the couple’s two dogs. As a result, the home’s interior was filled with urine and fecal matter. Justin created a page on Facebook that was designed to call attention to the matter and he asked his friends and loved ones if they would be willing to pitch in.

Theresa would soon receive the assistance that she needed and she was grateful to Justin for taking the time and effort to help. The home is going to need a great deal of work before it is able to be lived in again and while it is going to take some effort, it warms our hearts to see a young man taking this type of initiative. Please share this story to raise awareness about Theresa’s current predicament.

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