Gentle Pit Bull Comforts Injured Deer and Refuses to Leave Her Side

After seeing a deer in distress, Loreal Camelo’s dog Gotti was upset and wanted to help the injured animal.

“After a deer got stuck in our garden fence Gotti became so concerned about the deer he sat there with us for hours licking and comforting the deer until animal rescue came to take the deer to the hospital,” Loreal wrote.

The Pit Bull lay down by the deer’s side and even licked the deer’s legs. Loreal filmed a short clip of Gotti helping her while she freed the deer.

Once the deer was untangled, she called an animal rehab crew to come and help while the deer rested in her garden.

Loreal said of her dog Gotti, “He’s the kindest most loving, gentle dog you’ll ever meet!” After watching this video, we agree!


Young Shepherd Surrendered To High Kill Shelter With His Favorite Toys, Cries Before He Sleeps

Unfortunately for Jordy, the stakes couldn’t be anymore higher than they are. That’s because if he doesn’t find a home within the coming weeks, he could be put down to free up valuable kennel space, as the Carson Animal Shelter grapples with overcrowding and limited resources.

A Petharbor listing for the young pup reads,


At his age, Jordy should not be crying himself to sleep every night. He should be out in a field playing somewhere enjoying all the hugs and kisses from doting parents who care deeply for him. Instead, he makes a cold concrete slab, and some chewed up toys as his only solace from the pain.

Fidonation, if you or someone you know is interested in giving this precious pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566 and reference the shelter ID #A5041776.

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Firemen Rescue Puppies In A Storm Drain, Only To Discover They’re Not Actually “Puppies”

They then took the pups to the Humane Society located in the Pikes Peak Region to have them checked out and find out what breed they were.

To the firemen’s surprise, these were not black Labrador pups like they had assumed. Turns out they were Red Fox pups! These fox pups look very similar to dog pups and can easily confuse the untrained eye.

The firemen put the fox pups back in the drain where they found them, so that the mother fox can come back and take care of her babies. If the fox mom fails to return, then the pups will be taken to a licensed rehabilitation facility for animals.

So remember folks, next time you see puppies in the wild, they may not actually be what they seem! Click the video below to watch this amazing story.

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Dog Owner Plays Prank on Furry Friends


Woman Abandons Dog At Airport, Says She No Longer Wants Her

Thus, they determined to set a trap, however the puppy was startled by walkers and took off running once again and the cage was taken into the parking garage, so the puppy would stay but this doesn’t work.

Finally, after 4 days, it was confirmed by some workers that the puppy was trapped in the cage and she was saved by Hope For Paws and they learned by her microchip that Viva was without home and family when her owner said she does not want the puppy anymore.

Fortunately, Foxy and the Hounds took Viva in to be fostered and felt happy and safe and she is waiting a forever home. Watch the video to have more information.

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