Golden Retriever Comes Home With Baby Koala Clinging To Its Fur To Survive

If not for one heroic Golden Retriever, a lost and frightened baby koala might have died.

Asha, the hero in question, likely picked up the koala after it fell out of its mother’s pouch, the Daily Mail reports. Owner Kerry McKinnon found Asha with the tiny joey clinging to her fur.

“She looked a bit guilty when I came out to see what was going on. Her expression was hilarious,” McKinnon told News Australia.

With temperatures dropping to as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the Australian state of Victoria, the koala, “never would have made it through the night,” McKinnon said. Add to that, the threat of roaming foxes and other predators, and Asha came along just at the right time.

“Asha definitely saved the koala’s life by keeping him warm. It would have died out there if left alone all night,” McKinnon said.

The koala joey actually fought back a bit as McKinnon tried to remove it from Asha’s fur.

“I think dogs have that protective instinct. The koala didn’t want to leave Asha’s back,” McKinnon said. “When we took the koala off to wrap it in a blanket, it hissed at me and carried on.”

The joey was taken to a veterinarian, where it was cleaned up and checked for any signs of disease. Later, a koala caretaker released the young koala back into the wild.

That may be the last McKinnon and Asha see of their little eucalyptus loving friend, but word of their experience has been spreading around social media quickly. Their story will not soon be forgotten.

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Puppy Caged His Whole Life – Watch When He Runs Free For The First Time

But now that she’s been rescued from her abusive owner, she is determined to begin running again.

It’s nearly impossible to believe that anyone could actually be intentionally cruel to one of our beautiful canine friends.

When the dog Liszka was discovered by rescuers in Poland, she had been in a cage so long that contractures had developed on her legs, hardening her muscles and making it almost impossible for her to walk.

She was also terrified of people, and she would shake when anyone approached her.

Since she was a tiny puppy, her abusive owner forced her to lie in a tiny rust box surrounded by her own droppings. For months and months, the dog was cooped up in this tiny cage; and knew nothing of the outside world for so long.

She was so stationery that her back legs actually began to seize up from lack of use.

A veterinarian working with the Polish rescue group OTOZ Animals began massaging Liszka’s legs, which helps relax them enough that she could scramble across the floor.

While it’s terrible that her awful human abused her so horrifically, we can all be thankful that a group of rescuers happened to come across the poor animal begging for love. Her human was so aggressive to the rescue team that they actually had to call the police for help.

Since then, baby Liszka has been surrounded by humans who actually know how to treat their animals with respect. And while her legs are still in the process of healing; as she strengthens herself up and gets back to health; doctors are hopeful that she’ll be back to normal in no time!

Meanwhile, her abusive human is facing some hefty animal abuse charges — justice will be served!
Liszka was actually horrified of all humans when she was first rescued, but when you look at her face nowadays? It almost seems like she’s laughing because she loves the feeling of the earth under her paws so much!

For anyone who doesn’t believe that animals have emotions, you might want to watch this precious angel.

Now, with lots of practice and determination, the little pup has regained enough strength in her legs to walk and run.

Liszka is also much more comfortable around people. She has a new forever home with owners that love her and helped her learn to trust people again.

Liszka’s abusive former owner is being investigated by the police and will hopefully never be allowed to own a dog again.

Meanwhile, Liszka is living a happy life with owners who adore her. This brave little pup’s story has a wonderful happy ending.

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Dog abuse goes viral: School boy throwing a 6-month old Pitbull over his head!

A graphic video showing a boy viciously throwing and punching a puppy has gone viral and led to the arrests of two teenagers.

The shocking 32-second clip was posted Tuesday on a Facebook page associated with Coates Keshawn, of St Louis, Missouri.

The video begins with a teen grabbing a light-brown pit bull puppy under his front paws and hurling the animal over his head.


A 32-second video showing the horrific abuse of a pit bull puppy was posted Tueday on the Facebook page of a St Louis, Missouri, resident named Coates Keshawn

Another boy, who presumably shot the video, could be heard laughing in the background as his friend slams the pooch to the ground.

He picks up the pet and flips him over his head a second time before pinning the pit bull down and repeatedly punching him.

The horrifying video ends with the smiling teen again grabbing the listless puppy under his front paws, with his hind legs dangling in the air, and carrying him towards the house.

Investigators with the St Louis Police Department told the station KTVI they are looking into the allegations of abuse.

MailOnline attempted to contact the law enforcement agency Thursday night, but no one was immediately available for comment.

Both the teen seen assaulting the puppy and the boy behind the camera have been arrested

Heartless: The teenage boy repeatedly punched the listless pooch and dragged him around, drawing peals of laughter from his friend filming the abuse

The video has quickly gone viral before Keshawn’s Facebook page was disabled Thursday.

Before the account was shut down, the clip was shared over 4,400 times. Some viewers left angry comments demanding to know why the innocent dog was subjected to such cruelty.

Online user Hezakya Madison, who is not believed to be connected in any way to the incident, shared the footage on his Facebook page Thursday in the hopes that the teens responsible for the abuse will be brought to justice, as he told MailOnline over the phone.

Healing process: The puppy seen in the video has been seized by animal control and will be treated by a veterinarian

Police said the pup in the video has been seized by animal control. He will be evaluated by a veterinarian and treated for any injuries.

Meanwhile, KSDK reported that the two minors have been referred to the Family Court to face animal abuse charges.