Groom Lifts Bride’s Veil To Kiss Her, Then He Pauses And Shocks Their Guests With His Next Move

When we attend weddings, we are given the opportunity to experience some of the most special moments of a couple’s lives. Not only do we get to see them enjoy their first kiss as a lawfully wedded couple, but we also get to watch the first dance. Out of all these moments, the aforementioned ceremonial kiss is arguably the most touching of all and while some couples plan it out, others are willing to go off the cuff.

Before this moment can take place, a groom must unveil their bride and there is simply no preparation that can prepare a person for the emotion of this moment. This couple’s unveiling provides us with one of the most priceless wedding moments that we have ever seen, as Seun Ajayi (a well known actor) and his bride to be, Damilola, are on the verge of the long awaited lip lock.

Seun cannot contain his enthusiasm during the unveiling and if you ever wanted to see what true love looks like, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The video of this moment went viral and it is because of the reaction that Seun had to the big reveal. When he lifted the veil to look closer at his bride, he clapped his hands and busted a spin move from The Temptations handbook.

You simply cannot duplicate the type of joy that he was feeling in this moment and his million dollar smile lit up the entire room. While he is going to get to the kiss eventually, he cannot get over how good Damilola looks in this moment. Even the pastor gets in on the act, with a hilarious reaction that we would be hard pressed to mimic.

Seun did not care who was present or who was watching. He allowed his love for his wife to take control of him and his lack of restraint is one of the most charming things that we have ever seen. If it were up to us, then every single romantic comedy or Disney fairy would end up with a moment like this one. In his mind, he has won the romance jackpot and we treasure his blissful enthusiasm.

Seun’s excitement was evident in the weeks leading up to the big day, as he posted this message on social media about his bride-to-be:

“In November of 2015! At a time when I wasn’t even searching, God sent me a gift! A sweet soul wrapped in a boisterous and fun-loving personality. With a smile that literally lights up the room. ‘Anike’ a prize to be cherished; I can’t wait to chase 10,000 with you by my side. I’m super stoked we are here… The ride of a lifetime starts…”

If you would like to get a closer look at the couple’s first kiss, then be sure to watch this awesome video. Once you have seen the special moment for yourself, you will definitely want to pass it along to the hopeless romantics in your life immediately.


Elephant Spent 11 Hours Digging A Hole, But Nobody Expected Her To Pull Out This Out

There is a common misconception that they are big and plodding creatures who do not process emotion. Their size belies the deep feelings that they experience and when this mother elephant was facing one of the most challenging and heartbreaking situations that any parent can ever go through. While some thought that she was digging this hole for the sake of digging, the truth is much more heartbreaking.

When this mother’s calf fell into a well, she was not willing to leave the child behind and we commend her commitment to rescuing her baby. She started to dig the hole with the use of her trunk and utilized her feet to finish the process. Unfortunately, the mother did not realize that she was only exacerbating the problem by pushing more mud into the hole.

Little did she know that she was slowly smothering the child and keeping the hole from being dug properly. The baby became trapped at 9 PM and this determined mama kept digging throughout the night and was still digging at 8 AM the next morning. We cannot even begin to imagine the sort of strength and determination that this elephant had to muster in order to sustain that kind of effort for that long.

Once the people who lived in this area heard the distress cries that were coming from this mother and her baby, they rushed to the scene immediately to offer much needed aid. Would you like to find out more about how this story played out? If so, you are going to want to check out this awesome clip for yourself. We do not wish to ruin the ending, but suffice it to say that this mother’s efforts were certainly not in vain.

If you love animal rescues as much as we do, then be sure to watch this clip in its entirety and pass it along to the other animal lovers in your life. They will definitely this mama elephant and all of the hard work that she put in.


Dad Passed Before Her Wedding, Then Groom Turns Around To Reveal What’s On The Front Of His Shirt

This is why the couple’s first dance together as a union is so important. Your children and grandchildren will know that every time they hear a certain song it represents your love and is now a part of family history.

One couple had a fist dance at their wedding that has people balling on the floor. Sadly, the bride’s father had passed away prior to the wedding, due to Cancer.

So the groom, Don Perez, decided to recreate the father-daughter dance for his bride Shannon – with him as a substitute. The shirt he wore said: “Will You Dance With Me?” and had a message on the back that makes the entire room tear up!

Check out the video below but make sure to grab a tissue…


Two men try saving an injured hammerhead, but have no idea the shark is hiding a secret

To make matters even worse, the shark was in the process of giving birth when the fishermen caught her. They were at a local pier when the shark was hooked on their line and it took them several hours to successfully wrestle the line. Once they had finished pulling the hammerhead to safety, they knew that they had a tall task ahead o them: they were going to have to save the shark, as well as her babies.

When the hammerhead was turned over, the fishermen noticed that she had a bite wound on her underside and from the looks of it, the mother had tried to deliver the babies on her own. However, she did not have the strength to carry out this task without assistance. The fishermen got to work immediately and in time, they had rescued 20 baby sharks and released them back into the waters.

Unfortunately, the mother shark ended up succumbing to her wounds and was unable to survive this harrowing ordeal. While this is obviously a sad occurrence, we are sure that this mother shark would thank the fishermen for saving her babies if she had the ability to do so. Did you know that the hammerhead is a ovoviviparous animal? This means that their babies are born completely functional.

Typically, a mother shark prefers to give birth in locations that are sheltered and offer them an abundance of food (in addition to protection from various predators). The men who saved these babies are hopeful that their actions have provided them with the ability to enjoy a long and healthy life, despite the fact that they were unable to save the mother shark.

The hammerhead shark just so happens to be an endangered species, so the actions of these men are even more important than you might think. If this rescue effort meant as much to you as it did us, then be sure to watch this amazing video and share it with your friends and family members as soon as possible.