Horse Found Drowning In Hurricane. That’s When A Cowboy Shows Up To The Rescue

Hurricane Harvey has caused no shortage of issues for various Texas residents and the devastation that has been experienced is unlike anything that the state has ever seen. Entire cities are underwater and while many residents were told that they were safest inside of their homes, some experienced flooding that caused their entire residence to become filled with precipitation within a moment’s notice.

While there is definitely a human cost to consider during times like these, animals can be forgotten almost completely. It is important that we do not allow the safety of animals to fall by the wayside at moments like these. Getting caught up in your own concerns is one thing, but expecting your animals to fend for themselves during a natural disaster is downright selfish behavior if you ask us.

A storm was predicted by experienced observers, but no one could have reasonably expected this level of devastation to take place. Thousands of residents have been displaced and at least ten people have been found dead. There is no amount of emergency aid that could suffice during a storm of this magnitude and when situations such as these take place, we must all come together to help one another.

Rowdy and Chance are brothers who have their own ranch that specializes in animal rescue. Even though their property is currently safe, they have taken the time to venture out into the elements to help others who are in need. This past Sunday, Chance was seen on his four wheeler as he zoomed through the flood waters in search of people that he could save.

On the following day, the brothers saddled up their horses and headed into the flooded city. They were looking for trapped animals that they could free and they came across a panicked horse who was stranded in a pen that was rapidly filling with water. Rowdy was able to successfully lasso the creature and dislodge the gate.

The horse was understandably spooked, yet smart enough to remain close to their helper. The cowboys would soon lead the horse to safety and without their efforts, it is difficult to imagine that the animal would still be alive today. This storm had caused untold amounts of damage that will take a long time to fix, but there is no problem that is too big to solve when we have each other to lean on. Please share this beautiful moment with your friends and loved ones.


Dad Suddenly Passed, Then Wife And Son Visit Grav To Find A Mysterious Box Left By A Stranger

Cody Wells, who was working for the police department at the time of his death, tragically passed away at the age of 23. The man’s car went off of the road one day while driving and when he collided with a tree, he was killed on impact. He left behind a fiancee named Danielle and a son named Braxton and they missed him so much that they visited his grave every day.

While the reader at home knows that there was no way for Cody to leave Braxton a present, this did not stop the little boy from believing that his late father had decided to give him a Christmas gift after all. Our hearts definitely go out to this family, as the holiday season can definitely be a difficult time for those of us who have lost loved ones in the past.

However, this story proves that no one ever truly dies when we are able to find a way to memorialize them. Making sure that people are still remembered after they are gone is very important and the commitment that Danielle and Braxton have shown by going to the grave site every single day in the wake of Cody’s passing is one of the most commendable things that we have ever seen.

Just wait until you have the chance to see who Braxton’s secret Santa was on this fateful day. We are giving you fair warning now, you may want to grab a tissue or two before you sit down to watch this clip. While we would never ruin this kind of surprise for our audience members, we will let you know right now that this is going to hit you square in the feel zone….so prepare accordingly!

If this clip leaves you a total mess like it did us, then please don’t be shy about passing it on to the people who mean the most to you. Be sure to share this with all of the people who are truly important in your life.


Farmer Discovers His Horse Had Fallen Into Pit And Begs Him Not To Give Up

On one fateful morning, Marek was stunned and horrified to discover his horse had taken a serious spill and become stuck in a maintenance pit as a result. Since the average horse can weigh anywhere from 800 pounds to well over a ton, it was safe to say that Marek was not going to be able to remove the animal on his own. Freedom the horse was in the pit for a very long time and no one knows exactly how long she was stuck before Marek found her.

Marek’s first idea was to place some hay inside of the pit, as a means of allowing Freedom to gain her footing. But this plan was not enough to help her get out of the hole and the farmer knew that he would have to come up with something else…and fast! From there, he knew that it was time to contact the fire department and during these desperate moments, he made a heartbreaking plea.

Begging Freedom not to die, he pleaded for a sign of hope that she could hold on until the fire department could arrive and provide her with the rescue that she so desperately needed. The fire department would also need a sign that she was going to be okay before they were willing to drop everything and make the trip out to Marek’s barn.

It was at this moment that the most magical thing happened. Freedom was able to stand up and with the use of her front legs, she signaled her willingness to try and get herself out of this hole that she found herself in. Would you like to find out how this amazing rescue went once the firefighters arrived on the scene? If so, the video below is an incredible watch.

All it took was a little bit of extra pulling and tugging from the firefighters and Freedom was back out of the hole. A story like this could have had a much sadder ending than the one that was experienced and we are sure that Marek will never allow something like this to happen ever again. Take a moment to spread the love far and wide by passing this on to the loved ones in your life as soon as possible.