Man Interrupts Priest During Couple’s Vows. When The Bride Turns Around, She’s Left In Tears

Anyone who has been married before knows how much time and energy goes into planning a wedding. Everything has to be PERFECT! But the truth is that not everything goes according to plan and something usually happens unexpectedly.

From the flowers to the food, weddings are planned down to the minute. One couple who were excited to get married had no idea what was about to go down on their beautiful day.

Tricia and Neil had a beautiful day planned to celebrate their wedding on February 3, 2017. But what they didn’t know is that their family and friends had a special flash mob planned!

At first a man interrupts their vows and freaks the couple out. Was it an ex-boyfriend? An angry ex-girlfriend? Maybe a family member who disagreed with their nuptials?

It turned out to be the start of an epic flash mob to the song “How Great Thou Art.” During the video (Below) you can tell the people in attendance had no idea this was happening. Tricia was in tears by then end – you may be too!


Elephants Are Terrified Of What’s Inside These Dangling Yellow Boxes And It’s Saving Their Lives

While it is understandable for an endangered and hungry elephant to destroy a farm in their search for food, these elephants are often unaware of the fact that they are unknowingly consuming plants that contain poisonous compounds. We cannot blame an animal for their need to eat and we cannot blame farmers for wanting their crops to produce the necessary yield so that they can continue to survive.

Luckily, there is a solution available that allows the farmers and the elephants to coexist in perfect harmony. Did you know that elephants just so happen to be terrified of African honey bees? This is very understandable, as many of us humans tend to share the same fear. As such, the farmers of the region have finally decided to put these bees and allow them to protect their crops.

The elephants also need to be protected from themselves and by keeping them away from potentially dangerous plants, these animals will no longer be compelled to consume items that may lead to their own demise. A program has been created to ensure the continued prosperity of farmers and the continued safety of elephants, a program that is known as the Elephants and Bees Project.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing initiative and the myriad of awesome ways that it will help elephants and bees that reside in the proud nation of Kenya, then be sure to check out the video below to find out more. Not only do the elephants leave the area as soon as they hear the buzzing of bees, but they even take these opportunities to send off warnings to their friends and loved ones as well.

This is one of the most genius plans that we have ever had the privilege of enjoying and we had a fun time learning more about the proper methods for ensuring the protection of crops. If you enjoyed this clip as much we did, then please do not hesitate to share away.


Bride Breaks Her Wrist Days Before The Wedding – Then Her Bridesmaids Decide To Surprise Her

After all, the wedding day is typically considered to be her special day. In many instances, this is the best day of her life and the day she has looked forward to the most, so making sure that every detail is taken care of is very important. Those who have already been married or are in the process of planning a wedding can tell you that everything does not usually go according to plan, though.

This bride to be learned that lesson firsthand when her wrist was broken a mere ten days before she was set to walk down the aisle. Jaclyn broke her wrist when she attempted to break up a fight between her two dogs and ended up taking a tumble down a flight of stairs for her troubles. Can you believe that this 28 year old woman had never broken a bone before now?

Her husband to be, Jonathan, knew that this situation was serious and he did everything in his power to brighten her mood. Now that her wrist was in a cast, he came up with an awesome (and secret) plan that would allow the entire wedding party to show their solidarity. He came up with a plan that would allow him to outfit the entire wedding party with ACE bandages!

Jaclyn had no idea what was about to take place and when she saw what he had done, she laughed until she burst into tears. Not only was the bridal party in on this plan, but Jonathan also got the wedding photographer to play along. When she held up her wrist for the wedding photographer, Jonathan and the wedding party were quick to let her know that they wore it better.

While her fingers had swollen to the point where she could not put on her wedding ring, she is hoping that the swelling will eventually go down so that she can properly commemorate the occasion. When it comes to the secret plan that was put together by her husband, she says that he had no idea how much she needed it. What a clever and heartfelt way to deal with an unusual wedding day predicament.


Diver uses a metal detector on the ocean’s floor and ends up finding 300 year old treasure

When this diver (who is named Eric Schmitt) decided to go for a dive off the Florida coast, he never could have imagined what would happen next. The dive took place almost 300 years to the day of a Spanish ship being sunk in the same area. The ship was said to contain untold treasures and divers everywhere hoped that they would be the ones to find it for themselves.

While there are some who may be skeptical of Eric’s mission, this diver is the one who had the last laugh. He was able to unearth the aforementioned treasures and he came across all of the golden chains and coins that were left behind when a Spanish ship experienced a major wreck off the coast of Florida way back in 1715. The ship wreck took place on July 31 and as you might have imagined, Eric was very excited by his find.

However, it is important that we not get too excited here, as the good people at Queens Jewels LLC have the exclusive salvaging rights to this fleet. The ship was discovered several decades ago and while a wide range of divers have uncovered various treasures from the fleet in the years since, Eric has come away with the single largest discovery to date.

This is one of the most incredible moments that we have ever had the privilege of witnessing and we have no idea how Eric was able to keep his wits about him so easily. We would have been freaking out majorly if we came across a treasure like this one and this is the sort of discovery that is best shared with all of your closest friends and loved ones.

Once you have seen this amazing video for yourself, it is important not to be too stingy. While our first instinct is typically to hoard all found treasures for ourselves, please take a moment to pass this clip along to all of the landlubbers in your life right away!