Man riding his bike spots a drowning animal. Takes a closer look and jumps into lake

Muzammil Patel was planning on participating in the ‘Great Victorian Bike Ride’ and those who are biking aficionados are already well aware of the physical and mental toll that this ride takes on participants. He was going to work as volunteer and offer his assistance over the 320 mile trek that spans over the course of eight to nine days. While Muzammil was ready to assist bikers, he did not know that his assistance would be needed in other ways.

He was spending some time with friends at the Apollo Bay campsite when he was made aware of a uniquely awful predicament. There was an object floating in the Barham River and from the looks of it, it was a fuzzy little koala who was unable to swim. The koala is typically a very good swimmer, but they can experience problems with their vision that make it more difficult for them to keep themselves afloat.

There was no time to figure out the reason for the koala’s floundering and if someone did not intervene, the animal would likely drown. Muzammil picked up the phone and tried to contact animal control for assistance, but when they told him that they would not be able to arrive in time, he knew that he was going to have to be the one to help.

Patel had zero qualms about making his way into the water and snatching the koala up. He used a tree branch to help the animal initially and then once the koala was in reach, he gently grabbed the creature from the waters and while the water was only waist deep, the animal was only a few feet away from certain doom and gloom.

Muzammil was in the right place at the right time and once he and his friends had gotten some cute photos with the koala (we would have done the exact same thing in this scenario), he released the animal back into the wilderness. He is now being referred to as a hero and thanks to his swift and courageous efforts, a precious animal has been returned to their natural habitat before disaster could strike.

This is one of the most touching animal rescue stories that we have ever had the privilege of witnessing and thanks to this awesome video, you are now able to check it out for yourself. Be sure to pass this amazing clip along to your friends and loved ones!


Husband Was Late To Their Daughter’s Dance Recital. When The Show Starts, She Sees Him Onstage

Quaker decided to intervene and provide this family with the assistance that they needed in order to spend more time together. Dance is a huge part of Lauren’s life and she loves this activity more than anything else. Thanks to the good people at Quaker, she and her father were able to put together a plan that left their wife and mother in complete and total shock.

When the recital first begins, we see Michael’s wife calling in order to find out where he is and being greeted by his voicemail message. While this would seem to be business as usual, she has no idea what is about to happen next and even though they are taking a big risk by agitating this poor woman, we are here to let you know that the payoff that takes place here is more than worth the buildup.

The look on her face says it all, though, doesn’t it? She is clearly fed up with her husband’s inability to show up on time and looks ready to give him a piece of her mind. She calls him eight times and from the looks of it, it seems as if the father is neglecting his child yet again and while Michael and Lauren have a great relationship, she is worried about his absence.

Lauren steps out on stage and dedicates the special dance that she is about to do to both of her parents. It is at this point that we learn about the true surprise that remains in store for her parents and while we do not wish to give the whole thing away, let’s just say that it involves a hip hop style of dance and a very unexpected guest.

This video goes to show that you simply never know where someone’s heart is at until they show you for themselves. Let’s all take a moment to show the people that we love most how much we care about them as soon as possible!


Elephant Stuns Rescuers When He Is Freed After Spending 50 Miserable Years In Spiked Chains

He subsisted off tourist handouts and when these were not enough to fill his stomach, he would resort to eating garbage to stave off the hunger pains. Wildlife SOS finally stepped in and their goal was to ease the animal’s pain. In order to free the elephant, they had to move under the cover of darkness and so a daring midnight rescue was planned.

When Raju’s owner was confronted, the rescue team would not give an inch and Raju clearly sensed that help had arrived. He began to cry and while the team was surprised to see him react in such a manner, they knew that he was smarter than he let on. Thanks to helpful animal activists like these, stories like Raju’s will hopefully become a thing of the past one day.

Animals should never be subjected to the cruel whims of humans who do not truly care about them and if you see animal cruelty taking place, it is your responsibility to alert the proper authorities. No matter who you are or where you are from, there are organizations like Wildlife SOS who are ready and willing to spring into action at a moment’s notice if they are made aware of an animal’s suffering.

As for Raju, readers will enjoy having the chance to take a closer look at his amazing story. The video below provides viewers with a chance to learn more about everything that he has been through and the realities of his old life. We must admit that we got pretty choked up when we first saw Raju get free and we hope that elephants are allowed to live in peace from henceforth.

Seeing a majestic wild animal shackled in chains makes our blood boil and if these stories upset you in the same way, then take the time to pass this along to your closest friends and loved ones. This is certainly one of the most emotional rescues that we have ever borne witness to and it deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.

Here’s a video of the moment Raju was freed from his chains for the first time in his life!

And this video tell’s Raju’s full, heartbreaking story.