Owner Brings Obese Dog To Shelter To Be Euthanized For Being “Too Fat”

When dogs and cats get really, really overweight, it’s hard not to be furious with their owners for overfeeding them so much.

Facebook / Niagara SPCA

Honey was over three times the normal weight for a female beagle when in June 2017, she was surrendered to the SPCA of Niagara County in New York. She could barely move and had been sitting in her own urine and feces at home.

Her elderly owner had dementia and would often forget that she’d already fed Honey. She would feed the dog over and over, leading to Honey’s massive weight gain. Sadly, the woman dropped her off at the shelter to be euthanized at just six years old, convinced her quality of life was so terrible that this was the most humane option.

Facebook / Niagara SPCA

But thankfully, the shelter workers didn’t agree. They immediately cleaned her up, got her started on a diet and exercise plan, and put her on medications for hypothyroidism. In the first week, she lost five pounds.

Facebook / Niagara SPCA

With how difficult it was for Honey to move around, shelter workers and volunteers put her through water therapy to make it easier to walk.

Facebook / Niagara SPCA

They also helped support her weight during walks outside. Just look at how happy she is! All that paired with regular time on a water treadmill made the weight fly right off Honey’s body.

“I was amazed at how fast it happened,” Sue Cable, an SPCA volunteer and foster dog mom, told NBC. “Once she was in a home and able to move around in that, she just went.”
Facebook / Susan Cable

Over the course of six months, Honey shed nearly 40 pounds.

Facebook / Pat McMahon

Now this sweet girl is just about ready for adoption! SPCA staff say they’d like her to lose about five more pounds, after which she’ll begin her search for a forever home.

Facebook / Wilson Community Library

What a little survivor Honey is. After everything she’s been through and accomplished, she deserves all the love in the world. You can keep up with how she’s doing on Facebook.

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Mother Dog And Puppies Found Tied Up In Sack In The Middle Of Nowhere

And that’s still not good enough for hundreds of people who get some sort of sick satisfaction out of abusing, neglecting, and abandoning animals. Any shelter volunteer you meet would probably have many stories of unbelievable cruelty and neglect on hand.

That’s what makes what happened to this mother dog and her babies truly unconscionable. Some cruel human being tied her and her pups in a sack and left them to die in the middle of nowhere.

As you can see, if Josiane Almeida hadn’t come upon the dog on this rural dirt road, the poor pup and her babies would’ve died.

Mom was not struggling to get out, implying that she had already given up on life and was waiting to die, unable to move from the sack. Fortunately, rescuers spent some time gaining her trust so that they could save her.

Here’s what Almeida said under the video she posted of the rescue:

One of the worst abuse scenes I’ve ever seen! If you don’t have strength, don’t look! Sick Mother with puppies tied in a bag and thrown in the middle of nowhere! He’s been there a long time. Dizzy and weak puppies due to lack of air and mother bleeding a lot! How Cowardly! What a sin but God will charge this I am sure! Watch till the end! 
Check out the entire ordeal in the video below, but be warned. The footage is hard to watch.

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Loyal Dog Refuses To Stop Waiting Outside Hospital For His Best Friend Who Passed

Cristine Sardella was immediately drawn to the dog who had so much sadness in his eyes. “He would get up to let people pass by, very politely, and then lay right back down again,” Sardella told The Dodo. “He was educated and tame.”

She assumed that he was a stray, but she was surprised by the way that he obediently moved aside for people as they entered and left the hospital before returning to his post.

This dog belonged to a homeless man who was stabbed one night. The loyal pup followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital and waited outside for his human to return. Tragically, the man ended up dying from injuries sustained in the stabbing.

“It’s sad to know that he will never see his owner again and will not understand what happened,” Sardella said. “The only thing left is to wait at the last place where he saw him.”

She then learned that hospital staff had been making sure he had food and water ever since. Sardella already had two dogs of her own so she couldn’t bring him home. That’s when she took to social media to see if she could find him a place to go.

Much to her surprise and delight, the response she got was absolutely overwhelming. At that point, an animal rescuer picked the pup up, but that’s when his true loyalty shined once again.

After getting to the shelter, he escaped and walked three kilometers directly back to the hospital to await the return of his owner. For now, it seems like that’s just where he needs to be before he learns that it’s okay to move on. Fortunately, hospital director Osvaldo Sobrinho has already decided to adopt the dog when the time is right.

Until then, the loyal pup will be further socialized and then vaccinated by a veterinarian. There really is nothing quite like the love of a dog.

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