Owner Dragged Heartbroken Pit Bull Into Shelter While He Begged Not To Be Surrendered

The viral photo is a heartbreaking one indeed and our hearts go out to the dog in this picture, as it is abundantly clear that the pup does not wish to go into the building that they are being taken to. The dog seems to have an innate sense where they are being brought to and this animal shelter is no place for such a vibrant creature.

Christina Dickson is a volunteer at this shelter and she was beside herself when she saw the scene that was unfolding in front of her. Tito the dog did not deserve this fate and according to his former family, he was unable to get along with their other dog and had to leave the home as a result.

We cannot imagine what it is like to be dumped in such a heartless manner by someone that you truly love and this is not a fate that we would wish on any living creature, let alone a dog as cute as Tito. While they claimed to have a reason for their actions, the true method behind this madness is a mystery to us.

Tito’s future has been thrown into doubt as a result of this family’s selfish and heartless actions. If no one is willing to step up to the plate and claim him as soon as possible, he will eventually be put down and this is not a fate that any animal should be forced to suffer.

He’s an American bulldog who has never been altered in any way, a sweet dog who loves people and he is just two years old. If you would like to get to know Tito a little bit better, please be sure to check this video and pass it along to your closest friends and family members.

We do not know what possesses people to treat animals this way and we are unsure why someone would obtain a pet, only to give up on them at the first sign of trouble. This story needs to be shared with a wider audience, so that awareness can be raised about instances such as these.

Please call 305.884.1101 for more information, Tito’s identification number is ID#A1878910.

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Man leaves raw egg in his car on a hot day to show why you should never leave your dog there

Every year, dogs die because they are left in overheated automobiles while their owners simply “run a few errands” and end up forgetting about them. It does not matter if the trip that you are going on will only take a second, you need to be hyper vigilant about the safety of your pet.

Source: heatkills.org

All it takes is one unexpected delay to turn a normal day into a true tragedy. Even if the climate outside of your vehicle is relatively mild, this does not compare to the inferno that is being created inside of the automobile. The interior of the car is far hotter than you realize.

Not only that, but the temperature will also continue to rise at a rapid rate and this is why so many owners end up brokenhearted when their one simple mistake costs their pet its life. Do not leave your dogs in the car for any sort of extended period, even on days when the climate is cool.

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A 78 degree day could be fatal to your pup, as the vehicle’s interior can make its way into the triple digits in just a few short moments. Being left to suffer in this type of heat can cause the dog to experience brain damage and the animal is left with few ways to cool itself.

Just imagine how you would feel if someone left you in a hot car while you were wearing a fur coat and this gives you an indication of what life is like for dogs. Please share this important story and pass it along to your closest friends and family members, so that awareness can be raised about these dangers.

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Jealous Dog Throws Hilarious Tantrum While Wild Fox Plays With Her Toy Outside

Why? Because on this day, a wild fox came along… and when the fluffy red critter saw the ball, well, all poor Lupe could do was sit and watch as the fox had its way with her beloved toy.

The red fox pounces, springs, stalks, flops, and rolls around as she tosses the toy in the air from one yard to the other. It’s obvious she’s having the time of her life… and Lupe is pretty jealous.

Who knew foxes could be so darn playful?

But while Lupe is far from happy about this turn of events, there’s not much she can do but stand there and watch, voicing her displeasure with a series of menacing growls and barks.

Does the fox care? No. In fact, she’s so focused on the toy that she’s completely oblivious to the tantrum unfolding just feet away.

Millions have viewed the video since it was published, with several expressing some jealousy of their own:

Check out the video below, and remember to share with other animal lovers in your life!

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Watch How Firefighters Rush To The Aid Of A Struggling Black Lab Who’s Fallen Through The Ice

After Hardy, a 9-year-old black lab, fell through the ice on a frozen river in Ashington, England, the local fire department was thankfully alerted in time to save the animal from drowning or freezing to death.

It took less than an hour after Hardy fell through the ice for rescuers to arrive on the scene and pull him to safety.

Had they not acted so fast, Hardy could have succumbed to the cold and died after his internal organs began shutting down. It’s important in the cold weather, even when an animal has not fallen through the ice, to monitor for signs of lethargy or frostbite on sensitive skin, like the tips of the ears or scrotum, PetMD reports. These symptoms go hand in hand with the onset of hypothermia and indicate an animal has already spent too much time out in the cold.

If you are concerned your pet is showing signs of hypothermia, such as paleness and shivering, along with lethargic movement, dry the animal off and wrap it with warm blankets as soon as you can. Give your pet warm liquids to drink, monitor their internal temperature with an oral thermometer, and call a veterinarian for further instructions.

After Hardy was rescued, he was whisked to a vet to be checked out. Fortunately, he was dried off and warmed up in time to avoid any long-term injury.

Watch Hardy’s thrilling (and chilling) rescue below!

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Family Rescues Giant Pyrennees Dog From Roadside, Then Sees The Heartbreaking Reason She Was Standing There

The family stopped to see if the dog needed help but it was unwilling to hop into their vehicle. A few hours later, they returned to the same spot, where the dog was still sitting.

“He didn’t move as other cars slowed down and went around him and I was sure he’d been hit by a car,” Melissa Ringstaff wrote on YouTube. “So we turned around, turned on our flashers and got out to check on him.”

The Ringstaff’s found the dog on the side of the road.

Then, they made another discovery.

“It was then we realized why he was there,” Ringstaff continued. “His companion, another dog, had been hit by a car and lay on the side of the road where he’d been guarding.”

It was quite a task getting him into the truck!

A nearby resident told the family that days earlier, the dog’s former owner left town, and left their two dogs without any support. After the smaller dog was killed by a car, the Great Pyrenees stood guard near his body, refusing to move.

“Our family motto is, ‘We can’t save the world, but we can do something about the one in front of us,’” Ringstaff wrote. “We never walk away if there’s something we can do.”

Once in, the dog acted quite calm.

And there was something they could do. The Ringstaffs worked together to get the large dog into their vehicle. From then on, he was part of the family.

“We brought him home, cut off the matted fur, fed him and took a walk with him,” Ringstaff wrote. “By that time it was late, so we locked him into the new dog kennel we’d purchased a few days before and I even wired the latch shut, fearing he would otherwise get out.”

The Ringstaffs thought about naming their new furry friend Hachi, a famous Akita Inu from Japan, and the titular canine from the 2009 drama starring Richard Here and Joan Allen. The name didn’t stick, however, and neither did the dog.

It took the dog a few days to get used to his new home.

“Sunday morning, we woke up early to find he’d pushed through the gate, snapped the wire in half and disappeared,” Ringstaff wrote. “For nearly 3 days all we did was look for this dog! We talked to everyone we saw walking down the street, every police office, everyone at the humane society. We drove a couple hundred miles around our small town slowly – looking everywhere.”

Eventually, the dog was found a few miles from the Ringstaffs’ home, laying near someone else’s front porch.

“He was happy to see us, but he had no idea we’d been searching long and hard for him!” Ringstaff wrote.

Now Tucker has a new family!

They eventually settled on a name for their new dog: Tucker.

“He’s incredibly sweet, very gentle, and we’ve yet to hear him bark,” Ringstaff wrote. “On Wednesday we got him a dog tag and we’ve been paranoid about letting him out of sight. We’re so glad he’s home!”

Watch how the Ringstaff’s found and rescued the newest addition to their family in the video below!

Source: https://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com