This guy was fishing in the amazon when he came across this giant monster

The amazon is filled with all kinds of river monsters and we all know the Piranha is the most famous. But one of the biggest river monsters in the Amazon, and one of my favorites, is the one they call the Arapaima.

Arapaima are these long sleek looking fish that can grow up to 2 and half meters ( or around 8 feet). The record weight this monster is 200 KG or about 440 LBs, but on average they are about half that.

Arapaima are considered to be an ancient fish – scientists estimate they are descendants of fish that date back more than 250 million years.

One of the reasons they’ve been so successful at survival are these amazing armor-like scales that cover their body. These scales are super light, but so strong, not even Piranha can bite through them.

Pro fisherman Steve Townson, sometimes called the fish finder, is deep in the Amazon where he hope to catch one of these monsters for a close up and personal encounter.

Arapaima are gentle creatures but they can be very dangerous. They can launch at you and inflict some serious damage. Once the fisherman got the thing up close you could see the spectacular scales the Arapaima armors itself with. Scientists have been studying the scales to see how something so thin can be so strong.


Family Is Watching Parade When Suddenly Mom Spots 2 Faces That Have Her Losing Control

The Grasslake parade always begins with the Color Guard, which is made up of different military branch members marching together. Dad placed his hand on his heart while mom hit record on her camera to film. Being that they had two sons in the military, she wanted to be able to send her boys the video since they couldn’t be there for the 4th of July celebration.

Then all of a sudden mom spots something in the parade she wasn’t expecting. Her mouth drops as she realizes what’s going on, exclaiming, “Oh my gosh!”

What mom had seen were two men in uniform walking her way – none other than her sons John and Tom! As it turns out, they had both been marching in the Color Guard representing the US Army and the US Navy, but neither mom or dad knew that they were even in town.

Their sister Shannon had been holding onto the secret so that they could pull off the ultimate surprise for their parents, who were immediately overwhelmed with emotion. It’s a heartfelt, tearful reunion you really have to see for yourself in the video below!


Mom Gets Recorded On Jumbotron When Son Notices Her Sexy Dance Moves & Doesn’t Hesitate To React

Maybe it has something to do with understanding that their parents are really just big kids at heart too. So when one teen went to a San Diego Padres game with his family he didn’t anticipate being put in the hot seat in front of everyone at the game!

Unlucky for one teen at the game, the cameraman decided to point his camera in his family’s direction – only it didn’t go the way the teen boy planned. Excited, mom jumped up and began to dance along to the music.

She didn’t care who was watching, she was clearly there to have a good time and her age was not about to stop her! As mom shakes her hipsf rom side to side the look on her teen sons face is absolutely priceless! The teen is mortified watching his mom shaking and dancing away with no care in the world.

Clearly embarrassed he covers his face when he realizes they’re on camera. To make matters worse the footage is streamed up on the jumbotron and it quickly went viral. Mom realizes how embarrassed her son is and just continues to dance and laugh away.

That’s when dad starts grooving along to the beat as well and it quickly becomes a family affair. This family clearly loves to have fun and they don’t care whose watching. Watch the hilarious sight for yourself in the video below. Way to go mom and dad!


Caretaker Pulls Out Hose For Elephant Bath Time But Baby’s Clumsy “Dive” In Leaves Onlookers In Stitches

Taken at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand, the little elephant appropriately named “Double Trouble” gives onlookers a show they will never forget as he hilariously enjoys his bath to the fullest in the viral video. Slipping and sliding around the tub, he plays in the water without a care in the world. Splashing and sliding clumsily into the red bin, Double Trouble will have you in stitches with his adorable bath time antics.

While his caretaker attempts to rinse him down, he even grabs the hose to take charge, playfully swinging it about as he watches the water splash the crowd gathering around him. It isn’t until he tries to hop back into the tub that things go hilariously wrong, and when you see his clumsy next move you will quickly understand why! Watch the precious moment the baby elephant dives headfirst into the pool of water in the video below – his reaction is the best part!