Two men try saving an injured hammerhead, but have no idea the shark is hiding a secret

This story takes place in the state of Florida, where a group of fishermen made a catch that caught them off guard. They reeled in a 12 foot hammerhead shark and once they finished pulling the shark in, they came to an amazing realization. Not only was the shark experiencing a painful injury, but the animal was also pregnant at the time.

To make matters even worse, the shark was in the process of giving birth when the fishermen caught her. They were at a local pier when the shark was hooked on their line and it took them several hours to successfully wrestle the line. Once they had finished pulling the hammerhead to safety, they knew that they had a tall task ahead o them: they were going to have to save the shark, as well as her babies.

When the hammerhead was turned over, the fishermen noticed that she had a bite wound on her underside and from the looks of it, the mother had tried to deliver the babies on her own. However, she did not have the strength to carry out this task without assistance. The fishermen got to work immediately and in time, they had rescued 20 baby sharks and released them back into the waters.

Unfortunately, the mother shark ended up succumbing to her wounds and was unable to survive this harrowing ordeal. While this is obviously a sad occurrence, we are sure that this mother shark would thank the fishermen for saving her babies if she had the ability to do so. Did you know that the hammerhead is a ovoviviparous animal? This means that their babies are born completely functional.

Typically, a mother shark prefers to give birth in locations that are sheltered and offer them an abundance of food (in addition to protection from various predators). The men who saved these babies are hopeful that their actions have provided them with the ability to enjoy a long and healthy life, despite the fact that they were unable to save the mother shark.

The hammerhead shark just so happens to be an endangered species, so the actions of these men are even more important than you might think. If this rescue effort meant as much to you as it did us, then be sure to watch this amazing video and share it with your friends and family members as soon as possible.


Beautiful Bride Walks Down The Aisle But Person She’s Holding Hands With Has Heads Turning

Now the pairs are making waves across the Internet with their unusual marriage ceremony and even more unusual set of circumstances. Who would’ve thought that identical genetics could be the secret to a perfect wedding?

Their romantic tale began when Brittany and Briana spotted the Salyers brothers at the Twins Days Festival last year. This ‘Twins Days’ festival is a gathering for biological twins and other multiples that takes place every single year in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Since 1976, thousands of sets of multiples have traveled to Twinsburg to celebrate their genetic makeup, similar backgrounds and twin connection none of us “non-twins” know! One of the best parts of the festival is that twins young and old come dressed in the same clothing! That means you’ll see hundreds of people dressed in matching outfits and interesting getups.

As soon they spotted Joshua and Jeremy across the festival grounds, they knew something was different about them, “We saw them from afar and we thought they were just the most handsome guys.” The group quickly got to talking and the rest was history!

The got engaged in a joint event at Twin Lakes, Virginia, in February where Joshua and Jeremy proposed using identical rings. To make things even more perfect, they planned an elaborate joint wedding at the same festival they met exactly one year before.

Learn more about this incredible double wedding in the video below. This is really a once-(or twice)-in-a-lifetime event! We wish Joshua, Jeremy, Brittany and Briana nothing but a lifetime of marital bliss.


Woman Stops Next To Horse Only His Ears Perk Up Instant He Hears Song They Play For Him

Little did Victoria and Morningstar know that some animals like music just as much as we do. Victoria begins to play the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac and the two began to sing as they stop in front of the horse. That’s when the horse starts moving his head from side to side to go along with the beat. Amazed, the girls begin to laugh as they record the horse’s obvious approval.

There is no denying that the horse is a Fleetwood Mac fan. He clearly sways to the beat and the girls continue to sing along to the song. It is absolutely precious to watch. Morningstar then outstretches her hand outside the window of the car as the horse continues to dance.

As the girls drive away the camera captures Morningstar say “Wow.” The sight truly is special and it’s incredible to see how music is even capable of touching an animal’s soul. Watch the wonderful sight for yourself in the video below.