Former Circus Elephants Separated For 22 Years As Cameras Capture Tear-Jerking Moment They Reunite For 1st Time

While animals and humans may not look the same, it’s hard to deny the incredible similarities we share. Just like humans, animals are capable of joy and grief – and every so often an emotional video comes along to remind us just how alike we truly all are.

One such video aired on PBS in 2000, and the remarkable story quickly gained worldwide attention. In it we see two former circus elephants reuniting after 22 years apart, and the captured footage will leave you in tears.

In the video taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, we see the incredible moment Shirley and Jenny recognize each other for the first time after over two decades apart.

Not only is the reunion emotional, but it serves as a sobering reminder that these animals have the capacity to feel love just like we do.

The keepers are just as emotional as they watch the elephants meet for the first time in years. With anticipation in their eyes, they take in the beautiful moment as the elephants suddenly recognize each other through the gates.

What happens next will leave you in tears, as they wrap their trunks around each other in a loving embrace. See the incredible moment two former circus elephants reunite in the emotional video below – this story never gets old!


Soldier Anxious If Military K-9 Will Recognize Him After 3 Years Then Suddenly Spots Dog Charging Thru Gate

But when their deployment ended, Army Specialist McFarland and Ikar joyfully got off the plane at Ft. Bragg, had their photo taken, then Ikar was whisked away to be assimilated back into the training program. But poor Ikar was subjected to a much different fate.

There wasn’t an immediate need for Ikar’s services once he reached Afghanistan, so he was supposed to be kenneled for a few weeks. Instead, the poor dog was sheltered for 17 long, miserable months.

When Mission K9 Rescue learned of Ikar’s saga, they intervened. Kristen Maurer, president of the organization, worked hard to free Ikar and a few other dogs that had been set aside. These dogs sacrificed their lives and were considered heroes, but weren’t being treated as such.

While fighting to bring Ikar and the other dogs home, Kristen worked hard to find the dogs’ original handlers. Army Specialist McFarland woke up one morning to discover a plethora of Facebook messages from people wanting to know if he and Ikar had worked together.

He was crushed to learn what had happened to his buddy, his lifesaver, his best friend. Finally, Mission K9 Rescue came through and was able to ship Ikar and others home. Army Specialist McFarland fretted that Ikar wouldn’t remember him, but as soon as the pair laid eyes on each other in the airport, his fears washed away. Watch this incredible reunion in the video below and learn what the future holds for the stoic Ikar.


Family Lets Stranger “Foster” Rescue Dog Until Photos Surface Of Man’s True Intentions That Force Them To Act

As Drew turned around, he spied another dog silently jumping up and down in his kennel. The dog named Dennis caught Drew’s attention with his antics, but once the pooch opened its mouth, Drew was hooked.

Dennis doesn’t bark like a normal dog. He squeaks or squeals – Drew describes it is an adorable combination of a seal and a pig. So when Drew inquired about adopting Dennis, he learned the canine had already been claimed.

But he felt a draw to the dog, so he asked if he could foster him and get him out of the kennel and shelter until he was picked up by his forever family. In the two weeks they had together, they bonded tightly.

Drew had been warned by the rescue that it might happen and when it was time for Dennis to head off to his forever family, Drew admitted he was devastated. “I couldn’t even function,” he said. But Dennis’ future family had already watched videos of Drew and their dog hanging out, making memories, and realized that Dennis’ future had already been set in motion.

So when the two weeks were up, Drew and Dennis were given life-altering news. Dennis could not stop squeaking! Check out this adorable dog’s funny bark and how their tumultuous story ends in the video below. It’s truly heartwarming!


Moments Before Police K-9 Is Put Down Final Radio Call Comes Thru With Tear-Jerking Message For Dog

After many years of service, Argo received a devastating bone cancer diagnosis. Though he didn’t let the pain slow him down, his partner was quick to notice the dog suffering. With a terminal diagnosis, LT Francisco Guerrero was forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

He knew that it was in the pup’s best interest to be put down, so a small and intimate ceremony was arranged for the officers to give their four-legged colleague the heroic send-off he deserved.

What happened next left the room in tears, as members of Argo’s family and police force gathered to pay their final respects. Keeping with law enforcement tradition, a final call was dispatched over the radio congratulating the sweet dog on his years of bravery and service.

Though it is clear that Argo is ready to say goodbye, the love surrounding him is palpable. Watch the sweet dog react to his emotional final call in the video below – thank you Argo for your loyal service.