Mommy Brings Newborn Home With Captured Footage Of Family Dog That Goes Viral

Why spend a fortune on a babysitter when you can have your trusty pup look after your little one? Ditch the snarky teenager and opt for a fluffy friend instead! That’s what this family (jokingly) did and the result was incredible. Instead of barking at the newest addition to the family or trying to be territorial, their pupper did something else entirely!

Maybe there was a reason why Wendy and her brothers were cared for by a dog named Nana in Peter Pan! Our precious pooches seem to have an instinct when it comes to watching little humans…

Mom sat back and stared at her first baby, the family Shiba Inu, as it carefully looked at her sleeping baby. A million thoughts raced through her mind. Would the dog try to nip at its human sibling? Or would they be the best of friends? Only time would tell!

Thankfully, the pup’s reaction was absolutely adorable! It cautiously sniffed the car seat, placed its paw on the side and began to rock the baby back and forth.

While this behavior is a novelty to many of us, DogTime explains that Shiba Inus are naturally good with children. In fact, they’re incredibly loyal and will protect their family at all costs.

“The Shiba Inu is a good family dog – he is loyal and devoted – and does well with children as long as he is properly socialized and trained, and the children treat him kindly and respectfully.”
The site says families with Shibas should always have them on a leash and should give them an activity to expel excess energy! Doing so helps avoid potentially dangerous accidents with a “zoomied” Shiba and a child.

We know that this sweet pup will have a buddy to run around the house with in just a few years when his human sibling is old enough to explore on their own. In the meantime, Mom can rest assured that her baby is protected when their Sheba is around. Nothing bad is going to happen when he’s watching over carefully.

Take a peek at this sweet moment between baby and beast below. What a good pupper!


Mom Confronts Dogs About Big Mess Gets Brilliant “Comeback” That Has Internet Applauding

This type of detective work is precisely what two pet owners found themselves stuck in the middle of after returning home to find their living room torn apart. But when they asked the pups who did the damage, their response was too darn funny.

You know how they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, it seems as though you can’t ask a “dead” pup new questions!

The moment Mom and Dad began their inquisition into the destruction, both puppers flopped on their backs and immediately played dead. They couldn’t be in trouble if they weren’t living! Fortunately, these puppy parents had a big sense of humor and let the incident roll off their shoulders – not without having a little fun, of course!

The pair interrogated the pups, laughing hysterically as their attitude went from sprawled-across-the-floor to alert-and-ready-for-snacks in a flash. Clearly, these doggos know how to play Mom and Dad like a fiddle.

According to VetStreet, dogs may show guilty behavior even when they’re not responsible for the destruction. The site explains that some canines act guilty as a way to avoid the wrath of their humans and punishment.

“Dogs are keen observers of human behavior and have been shown to interpret human gestures, like pointing, even better than primates. When a human appears upset, a dog will often respond with appeasement gestures designed to decrease the anger and defray any possible aggression. This behavior can include attempts to look smaller and non-threatening, like cowering, lowering the head or looking down.

These appeasement gestures are most likely to appear when a dog is being scolded. But some dogs learn to connect specific situations, like a potty accident or shredded paper, with the angry or upset demeanor of an owner. When this happens, a dog may display appeasement gestures – or what we call the guilty look – to defer a scolding or spanking.”
However, punishing your pups for these guilty looks can cause even more problems down the road. Instead of snipping your pooch for getting into the garbage, try to teach them why it’s wrong. Oftentimes, dogs connect an owner’s anger with looking guilty to avoid punishment – even if they didn’t “know better” and made an honest mistake. Training over screaming seems to be the way to go when it comes to guilty pups.

Thankfully, Mom and Dad know that this guilty behavior is all in good fun. Even though their ottoman is a little holier and the basket has a new aesthetic, the pups are healthy and their home is happy. That’s all they could ask for!

Take a peek at this hilarious guilt trip for yourself below. What naughty puppies!