Woman Stops Next To Horse Only His Ears Perk Up Instant He Hears Song They Play For Him

Animals have a way of surprising us and when they do it quickly becomes a moment we will never forget. When Victoria Anderson-Gardner was driving along a grassy field with her friend Morningstar in the car, the two girls caught sight of a lone horse standing next to a fence. Curious how the horse would react to music they decided to play a classic song for him, only they never anticipated capturing such an unforgettable moment.

Little did Victoria and Morningstar know that some animals like music just as much as we do. Victoria begins to play the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac and the two began to sing as they stop in front of the horse. That’s when the horse starts moving his head from side to side to go along with the beat. Amazed, the girls begin to laugh as they record the horse’s obvious approval.

There is no denying that the horse is a Fleetwood Mac fan. He clearly sways to the beat and the girls continue to sing along to the song. It is absolutely precious to watch. Morningstar then outstretches her hand outside the window of the car as the horse continues to dance.

As the girls drive away the camera captures Morningstar say “Wow.” The sight truly is special and it’s incredible to see how music is even capable of touching an animal’s soul. Watch the wonderful sight for yourself in the video below.

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Woman Buys Thrift Store Ornament For $2.99 But Moment She Investigates Contents Discovery Forces Her To Act

For just $2.99, the sparkling piece became hers. It was elaborately detailed and appeared to have something unidentifiable in it, but Priscilla didn’t think much about the contents after she gave it a special spot next to her other favorite collectibles. But after a few days of staring at it, Priscilla couldn’t help but wonder what was inside the object.

Her husband helped her hold a light up to the treasure and there was indeed something inside it! When it dawned on Priscilla just what she held in her hand, she couldn’t believe it. She enlisted the help of her daughter Kat to embark upon a quest to find the rightful owner.

Priscilla just knew that person had to be missing it about now. The Savers store accepts donations and most come from residents right there in town or the surrounding communities, so it quite possibly belonged to someone she knew! So what did the ornament contain?

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Man Thinks He’s Just Casually Crossing The Street But Next Step Makes Internet Shriek

They’re blessed! We’re just glad surveillance and dashboard cameras were running so we could watch these hair-raising moments unfold from the safety of our own homes!

Being a walking pedestrian anywhere in the world is risky. However, according to a study by AARP, the American Public Health Association, America Bikes, and Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership, there are actually several cities in the United States that pose a severe threat to walkers. Shockingly, four of the ten worst cities for pedestrians are in Florida: Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville.

The remaining six are also in the South: Memphis, Tennessee; Raleigh, North Carolina; Louisville, Kentucky; Houston, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; and Atlanta Georgia. These densely populated cities have a higher rate of pedestrian mortality than anywhere else in the States – merely crossing the street in these places could have serious consequences.

This heart-pounding compilation clip shows motorists coming within inches of unexpecting pedestrians, and cars colliding and missing walkers by the hair on their chinny chin chins. Every single one of the people seen in this compilation is more than lucky to be alive today!

They came within inches and seconds to death but cheated it narrowly. This compilation is an excellent reminder to keep our heads on a swivel and always pay attention to your surroundings. One momentary lapse (just like some of these folks had) could be the final nail in the coffin! Take a peek at these bone-chilling moments for yourself below!

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