Panic Ensues As Bat Flies In House, Then Pup Hysterically Adds To The Utter Chaos

A family in Kerry, Ireland, experienced quite an interesting night when a bat flew into their house through the backdoor.

Panic ensued as the bat soared around the kitchen. The son decided to catch the incident on camera and narrated the whole thing in his Irish accent, which makes listening to it even better!

His dad, Derry, persistently tried to catch the bat using a hand towel, before switching to a bigger towel that his wife, Maureen, had just ironed.

Derry swings the towel all over the air, failing to catch the bat each time. Meanwhile, Maureen was hiding out, watching through the door.

Just when you thought this scene couldn’t get any more dramatic, their new puppy decided to pee in the kitchen right in the midst of the utter chaos.

While all of this insanity was occurring at once, the family couldn’t help but laugh at what was going on. And we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to keep it together while watching this either!

Thankfully, at the end of the video, they managed to finally get the bat out of the house!

Watch the madness for yourself in the video below:


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Neighborhood Kids Smacked Her Dog While She Was Shopping In Walmart. Now She’s Hitting Back

The shopper was Laura Joos. Because the child was striking her service dog, Joos could have been killed. She relies on the animal to help keep her safe while she is out in public. Now she’s hitting back at the mother of the child who let the little one abuse the dog.

Laura was shopping at her neighborhood Walmart with her service dog when the offending mother toting three kids along with her headed straight toward Laura. Immediately, Laura got a bad feeling about the mother and her three kids. They were grinning at her and rushing toward her as if her dog was an exhibit as a petting zoo.

Laura didn’t mind if the kids pet her dog even if they shouldn’t. Because the dog was “on the job,” petting it can distract it from the mission at hand. However, Laura was quickly proven wrong when the children started smacking the dog right there in front of their mother.

Before she could tell them to stop, the mother and three children fled the scene. Now Laura Joos is airing her frustrations about her fellow Walmart shoppers on social media.

She hopes her words reach that irresponsible mother and anyone else who ever comes into contact with a service animal.

Laura is right. Service dogs are working when they’re out in public. Although they may be adorable – most pooches are – these ones should not be distracted, or they could put the lives of their owners at risk.

When Laura asked the mother to stop her kids, the mom struck her by saying, “Excuse you!”

Laura managed to teach the mother a lesson.

“Yes, excuse me. Excuse me for expecting you as an adult to teach the children you are raising to be respectful of disabled individuals.”

Laura relies on her dog to stay alive.

“Five minutes before I saw you, I got an alert from my dog. My heart rate was steadily climbing, my chest was becoming tight. My vision was becoming fuzzy. I felt like I was underwater.”

Because the bad child hit her dog, Laura missed a second alert and almost died.

“Luckily your kids didn’t have to see some woman hit the ground.”

If you ever see a service dog in public, respect the fact that it is on the job.