Dog Left Outside During Polar Vortex Taken By Police, Sparking Legal Battle

A legal battle is taking place in Illinois over a dog named Maverick. Under a new state law, dogs can be seized if law enforcement officers find that their lives and well-being is in question.

Last Tuesday, as the Polar Vortex reached record low temps, neighbors noticed Maverick outside as usual and called the police stating that they feared he may freeze to death. He’s an outdoor dog who lives outdoors year-round. His owners insisted his living quarters were good enough for the record low temps, but police disagreed.

“If you see an animal, now you can call law enforcement and they’re able to act under this law to take an animal out,” said Heather Owen, One Tail at a Time. “So, it’s a lifeline for pets and for animals outside that are in a very bad situation.”

The new state law only allows for temporary seizure of animals.

“It’s a temporary fix and that’s important because it’s not like people are getting their dogs taken away and they can’t get them back. They still have due process under this law,” Owen said,

Maverick is currently residing in the Knox County Humane Society.

“He’s very loving, he’s very playful. He deserves a better life,” Knox County Humane Society Board Member Rox Parks said.

Neighbors say they’re happy he was removed because they think he may not have made it if left outdoors.

“We’ve had a lot of public outcry saying do not give this beautiful dog back,” Parks said.

While the situation isn’t yet resolved, this seizure is the first major case of the new law aimed at helping animals being enforced.

“I would hope that Maverick`s owners would work with the community and law enforcement to agree on a safe space for him, somewhere he can go when it’s warm or there’s another inclement weather because all animals deserve a warm home, a warm bed,” Owen said.


Deer drops by gift shop, surprises shopkeeper when she comes back later with her entire family

This lady from Stout, Colorado works at Horsetooth Inn and RV Park and recently her tiny gift shop had some unexpected visitors that not only made Lori’s day, but ours as well.

As she was casually doing her job, a doe entered the place and took a thorough look at every single product in the shop. Slowly browsing through the aisles, it was obvious the animal was having a fun time.

However, no matter how sweet and unusual this encounter was, what happened later was the real surprise that made everyone burst out laughing.

First, the deer only stood at the shop’s door and was hesitant whether to enter or not. But she eventually decided to give it a go.

The first thing that caught this doe’s attention were the cool sunglasses.

After that she stood by the potato chips. We aren’t sure whether she wanted to try it or not.

One person who was at the shop at that time got to say ‘hi’ to the cute animal.

As Lori told 9NEWS, after she believed it was about time for her to say goodbye to her visitor, she coaxed the deer out using some peanut bars.

But, nothing could prepare Lori for the real surprise. It looked as though the deer loved the shop so much that she decided to bring her whole family in.

“Later, I was in the office checking the store stock,” she said. “I walked out and there she was with her twins and a lone buck that she nursed. I just used my phone to snap the pics. I laughed so hard!”

This beautiful encounter reminds us how lucky some people are to be living near animals of this kind. Although it’s not that uncommon for deer and humans to interact, knowing that the residents of Stout are mainly deer, this encounter is still one of the most unusual we’ve seen.