A Little Girl Pretends To Be Drowning. Watch the Amazing Reaction Of Gauge The Pit Bull Who Goes For The Rescue!

This is Gauge, a two-year-old pit bull dog from Arkansas that loves his human sister so much. He is around her all the time, never leaves her out of sight.

They are at the lake, and the little girl swims to catch a stick and then pretends that she is drowning. Gauge sees her and immediately goes to the rescue!

He swims to her and starts pulling the stick that she is holding in her hand, and brings the girl to safety on the shore.

He cherishes her as much as she loves him, but his reaction is really amazing. He is ready to sacrifice itself for his favorite little human.

Their love and affection for kids it’s simply unbelievable. They will protect them and be their friends forever!

They know the difference between adults and kids and they are far much more patient and tolerant with the kids, no doubt about that.

But that doesn’t mean that you should not always supervise your kid when around a dog, no matter what the breed.

Also, all children should be taught how to interact with animals; not to mistreat them or harm them in any way.

Clearly, education is the key. For humans and for dogs too!

If you raise them with love and respect, socialize them early (expose them to different people, sights, and experiences), invest a lot of time in training, they will become the most wonderful dogs ever.

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