A pit bull named Lilly risked her life to pull her unconscious owner from the path of an oncoming freight train.

Lilly, an 8-year-old pit bull dog, was with her owner Christine Spain when the woman fell unconscious on the railroad tracks in Shirley, Massachusetts.

With an amazing effort, she used her teeth and managed to pull her off the tracks just before the train rumbled through.

Unfortunately, the conductor was unable to stop the train in due time, and the brave dog ended up with injuries to her right foot, fracturing her pelvis and causing other internal injuries.

She practically sacrificed herself to save her mamma; Christine Spain was unharmed.

“She saved my mom’s life,” said her son, David Lanteigne. “We found Lilly to save her life, and she returned the favor. She almost died here.”

Lanteigne said he rescued and adopted Lilly three years ago, thinking she’d make a good therapy dog for his mother, who had problems with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety.

“Lilly means the world to my mother, who doted on the dog from the moment she came to live with her. Lilly has also played a crucial role in helping my mom drastically reduce her drinking. Lilly’s recovery from this horrific ordeal is my top priority right now and I’ll do everything possible to get her back home to us.”

Lilly underwent two surgeries at the Angell Animal Medical Center and despite the fact that her front right leg had to be amputated, her recovery went really well.

At a time when Pit Bull dogs are stereotyped as violent and aggressive dogs, Lilly’s bravery is a testimony to the true nature of these amazing dogs. Far from being natural born killers, Lilly is a true hero and an ambassador for Pit Bulls.