A Super Cute Puppy Is Scared By His Own Fart

All puppies are cute, no matter what they do, but this little fellow here is quite a character! He is stinking adorable! :))

A gorgeous sweet pit bull puppy is taking a relaxing nap on the floor, probably dreaming, barking, nothing seems to disturb him from his sleep…

He is all relaxed, moving his paws…but everything starts with a few hiccups…then…boom! The thunderous fart scares the shit out of him and he wakes up instantly not knowing what really happened. He is so confused about the situation but so cute.

Suddenly, he becomes a sensation on the internet. His owner managed to capture this moment on camera, and we are all glad he did. We can’t stop laughing.

Some people say that it’s fake, and that it’s not the dog who farts, but his human; either way, his reaction is priceless. No matter where the big scary fart comes from, lol!

It’s pretty common for pit bull dogs to fart, or have gas problems, depending on what they eat. They can run you out of the room, easily! :))

The internet is full of funny memes about that:

“We are Pit Bulls. The only thing that is dangerous about us is our gas”


“I farted. It happens”

“I don’t always hurt my human, but when I do, it’s with a ferocious toxic fart”

“When people get intimidated by my pit bull I can’t help but laugh, the only thing that intimidates me about her is how much she can fart”!