Lucy insists on holding dad’s hand, turns around and gives mom a mischievous look

A very cheeky dog insisted upon sitting in the front seat of her human parents’ car, and seemed intent on showing her mistress there was some serious competition for her husband’s affections.

Forcing Carissa into the back of the car, Lucy the golden retriever was pleased as punch as she clambered up into the front seat alongside Carissa’s husband Jacob.

Hilarious footage shows naughty Lucy beaming from ear to floppy ear as she reached for Carissa’s husband’s hand with one sly paw, flashing Carissa a triumphant smirk.

It seems like she wanted to show that there was some serious competition for their man’s affections!
The expression on the possessive little madam’s face is just too much, and Carissa can be heard exploding into peals of laughter.

Naughty Lucy grinned from ear to floppy ear as she took Carissa’s husband’s hand with her one sly paw. After reaching his hand, she gave Carissa a victorious smirk!

The possessive little madam’s expression was too much that Carissa burst out laughing.

Watch video here!

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Dog rescuer can’t help but cry after unwrapping tiny deformed pup from blanket

It was first spotted by an angel sent from God that appeared in Freddie’s life in the form of the lovely lady Angela Adan. The organization she is part of, Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is a Tehachapi, California based group whose main goal is the rescue of large breed dogs that are placed at kill shelters in the area of Kern County California. Their page also states:

“We save at risk dogs and rehabilitate them both behavioral and physical problems that may prevent them from being adoptable, and teach the community to spread awareness that big dogs are not mean dogs.”

“What makes us unique is that we pull from the county’s outlying areas that usually get no foot traffic and therefore have an almost 100% euthanasia rate. Currently, our adoption success rate is 99% for all dogs that we intake.”

They, as well as each and every one of us, are well aware that those kill shelters will be in function as long as there are people who abandon their animals either on the streets or require for them to be euthanized.

Although sweet Freddie isn’t a large breed, but in fact the tiniest dog out there, she was very lucky to be taken under the wings of the organization.

The dog was really malnourished and what caught the attention of the rescuers was her unusual physical appearance. It was obvious she was facing a great number of health issues.

“Freddie was found as a stray underneath a car and got turned into a shelter,” the rescue organization wrote on Facebook on Dec. 18. “How she survived the cold weather we have no idea.”

“She then had 17 teeth extracted as she still had a row of deciduous teeth in front of her adult teeth. During her dental the veterinarian discovered she had no epiglottis which is the flap at the back of the throat that opens and closes to prevent fluid from going into her lungs.”

The rescuers were aware that taking care for this little doggy meant extreme dedication and pretty big medical bills, but her amazingly bubbly personality and the will to live was enough reason for them to know how it was all worth it.

“She was in pretty rough condition the first three days we had her as she was sick, malnourished and lethargic.”

But after she spent a couple of days with Angela she started feeling more confident in herself. It’s amazing how she gives her rescuers licks whenever she feels like she had to say thank you for being at a safe place.

Freddie’s jaw which is deformed and her front leg that is spayed out do make her days more difficult, but it doesn’t prevent her from being happy.

Angela has rescued many animals in need before, but Freddie is a special creature that has a special place in her heart. She fell in love with this little beauty the moment she laid her eyes on her.

‘I don’t get emotional when I go to shelters to pick up dogs because I know it doesn’t help a scared dog if I’m over her crying feeling sad for her. Tonight, however, I cried for this little one,” she explained.

The story of Freddie has been seen by millions of people. Many took the time to comment and thank Angela for stepping in for such a vulnerable, but vibrant creature. As for Freddie, they all agree how she is unique and beautiful in her own way. One person says, “They are bonded by a crazy little thing called love” and we can’t agree more.

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