Angelina Jolie And Kids Spotted Selling Organic Treats At Dog Park To Raise Money For Charity

A mom and her kids were recently spotted selling organic dog treats at a local dog park in California. While this sounds like a typical story, it is far from it. The woman was 43-year-old famous actress Angelina Jolie and the kids were her own!

Photos of the family were shared by former Parenthood television actress, Sarah Ramos, who felt conflicted about sharing the pictures.

“I know now that Angelina’s kids knew I was taking that photo and I wasn’t getting anything past anybody but I’m still glad I took the photo and I’m sorry that’s their lives,” Ramos shared with People magazine.

Apparently, the kids wanted to support Hope for Paws rescue group by selling the dog treats. This is something a lot of families do, so perhaps Jolie and her brood just wanted to have a normal day at the dog park.

Jolie has six kids with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Way to be philanthropic, gang!