Anxious Dog Works Hard To Save Choking Kitten, Keeps Barking Till Help Arrives

A dog named Max impressed everyone with his genuine concern for a stray kitten. The kitten was choking on a bag of chips in the dead of the night. If it wasn’t for Max, the kitten would not have made it.

In this video, we see the footage of the distressed kitten begging for help by banging on the family’s door. She desperately tries climbing on the door to attract attention, but her cries go unheard.

However, the kitten’s faint meows reach Max and he instantly senses that someone is in danger. Max starts barking relentlessly to alert his owner. Soon, the family is awakened by Max’s persistent barks and goes to check the front door.

Max’s dad sees the choking cat and helps her free herself from the bag of chips. Finally relieved from suffocation, the cat breathes again and disappears into the dark. The family is proud of Max’s efforts to save the stray kitten, and so are we. What a vigilant hero indeed!