Dog Hit By Car Waited For Someone To Help – And Met His New Mom

Around 9:30 a.m. on December 7, a dog was spotted wandering along a highway in England. The husky mix looked strangely unfazed by all of the cars whizzing by him and at one point tried to cross one of the lanes — and unfortunately ended up being hit by a car. He was thrown to the side of the highway, severely injured from the collision, and right at that moment, a traffic officer noticed him and immediately ran over to try and help him.

As soon as Hannah Moffit saw the dog, later named Thor, get hit by the car, she knew she had to do everything she could to try and save his life. She rushed over to him and sat cradling him in the road, gently trying to prevent him from moving so he wouldn’t hurt himself even more. A man driving by pulled over to help protect Moffit and Thor from oncoming cars until the dog warden arrived, and together the group loaded Thor into the van so he could be transported to Saint Leonard Veterinary Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Once he was safely at the vet, Thor’s rescuers scanned him for a microchip and realized he had one. They contacted his owner to alert him of the situation — and he requested that Thor be put to sleep. Despite his injuries, the veterinary staff had a lot of faith in Thor’s ability to recover, and begged his owner to reconsider. Eventually, Thor’s owner agreed to relinquish Thor into the care of Saint Leonard. Even though the veterinary staff knew that Thor’s care would be expensive, they didn’t care. They decided they would do everything they could to save him, because they knew his life was worth saving.

After X-rays revealed severe injuries to one of Thor’s legs, he underwent surgery to repair the damage. While he was recovering, the Saint Leonard staff set about trying to find a rescue to take him in. One of the staffers at Saint Leonard also volunteers with 8 Below Husky Rescue, so she contacted them to see if they would be willing to take Thor in, and they quickly agreed.

“He arrived and was very quiet and bewildered, but as time progresses he is showing his true nature,” Jade Brightmore, manager of 8 Below Husky Rescue, told The Dodo. “He is a very loving, affectionate dog who loves nothing more than tummy tickles.”

Thor is currently on strict bed rest for the next six weeks or so in order to ensure that his leg heals properly. Since he is only 2 years old, trying to make sure he sits still has not been an easy task, and his rescuers have been trying to distract him with all sorts of toys and games.

Since Thor is still in recovery, the rescue hasn’t listed him for adoption yet — and thus were surprised when an adoption request came through for him before they’d even posted about him on social media. They looked into the request — and realized it was from Moffit, the traffic officer who had saved Thor’s life.

“She said from the moment she held him she fell in love,” Brightmore said.

Thor is not yet well enough to go off to his forever home, but the rescue has done a home check of Moffit and are confident that she will make the perfect mom for him. Thor went from being abandoned and unwanted to having a whole community of people rallying behind him, and his rescuers couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out for him.

“Once recovered he will undergo a full assessment and, all being well, would then be heading off to live with the very person who was there for him when he needed it the most,” Brightmore said.