Puppy Drags Brand New Blanket Outside, Owner Sees The Reason, They’re Left…

As dog lovers, we understand what they are capable of.

Their souls are pure, filled with love and loyalty. But still, every once in a while they do something that completely shocks us and we have to take a step back and wonder if they are the most selfless creatures on earth. A puppy, named Lana, was rescued from the streets of Brazil. She found a wonderful home with her human, Suelen Schaumloeffel. One evening, while the house was quiet, Lana did something so incredible, it’ll take your breath away.


Lana saw a stray dog approach her new home. Instead of barking at him, she went over to her new blanket and began to drag it outside. Lana then made her way over to the homeless dog and laid her blanket between the two of them, giving him the chance to keep warm, alongside her.

When Suelen went outside to see what Lana was up to, she couldn’t believe her eyes! Her sweet puppy decided to share her blanket with a dog that truly needed it. Even though Lana is rescued now, she clearly is still aware of where she came from and how hard it was to be on the streets. Her empathy is something so incredible, that her human couldn’t believe her eyes!

It’s been confirmed that because of Suelen sharing this story, and its amazing photo, that the homeless dog has been adopted! Seems that Lana had a paw in that too!


Dog Swept Away In Flood Was Near Giving Up, Til These Brave Heroes Stepped In

In the video below, a dog is seen paddling for his life against the current of a small waterfall. It looks like he might not make it, until some heroes step in and help.

In the video, the sweet dog fights hard against the current as he tries to swim to safety. A few times, he gets close to the edge of the dam, but ultimately ends up underwater and further back from where he started.

Eventually, a man appears in the video and extends his arm to the pup. Other men hold him so he doesn’t end up in the treacherous water alongside the dog.

Despite the current, the men and the dog don’t give up. It’s as though the pup knows if he can make it to the humans, he will be okay. Finally, after what feels like forever, the pup makes it to the man reaching for him and the men all pull him to safety.

Since the video was posted online, people all over the world have watched the heroic act. Many have commented on the dog’s will to survive and the good hearts of the men who saved it.

Many others, however, have commented on how suspenseful the short video is. It seems as though this clip could rival some of Hollywood’s biggest thrillers.

Thankfully, the suspense came to a very happy ending for everyone!

Check out the rescue mission in the video below – and be sure to share with all your fellow dog-loving friends!

Source: www.inspiremore.com