Man Sees Pitbulls In The Middle Of Road, He Calls Police

At 4:30 am in Orange County, Florida, the sky was still dark as Patrick Hennessey was on his way to work.

The morning seemed like any other, but then he saw odd shapes cowering in the road. After stopping alongside the road, he discovered two pit bulls. Refusing to leave each other’s sides, they lied there injured and bleeding.

Immediately, Hennessey called the police. Not long after, Deputy Boggs and Deputy Reed appeared on the scene. At first, the dogs seemed nervous. Approaching the dogs gently, the officers calmed them down.

Because of misconceptions about the breed, pit bulls get into an odd situation. Thinking they are all violent, people often pass them over in shelters, abandon them, or euthanize them. In extreme situations, they use them for fighting.

After being around pit bulls, it’s easy to see they’re just as sweet as any other dog.

Leading them off the street, the officers took the dogs to a safe area.

At that point, the officers convinced the dogs they were going to help them. Looking for comfort from their horrible night, the dogs snuggled right up next to the officers.

To stop the bleeding, officers applied bandages to the dogs’ injured leg.

After seeing they both had collars, the officers came to the conclusion the owners of the dogs may have intentionally abandoned them.

Orange County Animal Services took the dogs to a local shelter. There they received treatment, got time to rest, and cleaned up.

The dogs were named Liberty and Justice and were very sweet and loving once they became familiar with shelter staff.

“Deputies Boggs and Reed comforted the two scared dogs while waiting for Animal Services to arrive,” Orange County Animal Services wrote on it’s Facebook page. “These two ladies are now safe and thriving in our care.”

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