Husband Gets Last Laugh After Infertile Wife Laughs At Him For Suggesting A Vasectomy

Beth Goins describes herself as a “36 year old Jesus lovin, Kinder teacher, mama to 2 girls & a baby boy & wife to Allen” on her Facebook page. But, she can also count herself among all the other people out there who’ve been “had” by the universe’s cheeky sense of humor.

After the couple adopted 3 children after having tried for over a decade to have a baby of their own, Allen joked that he should get a vasectomy. But, since they had to go through a lot of extra hoops just to start their family, they figured it was a totally necessary step for him to take. Of course, that’s when the universe pulled a fast one and showed the couple that the joke was on them!

Timing is everything when you’re a young woman who wants to start a family. But, the biological clock was ticking for Beth, who at 36 had still been unable to conceive a biological child of her own.

Beth and Allen started trying to conceive in 2008, but after months went by with no baby in sight, they looked to a fertility doctor for help. Sadly, three and a half years of with a specialist resulted in nothing more than a drained bank account and a hopeless heart. Beth wrote on her Facebook page:

“I had to stop going to baby showers. I held back tears when people asked innocently, why we hadn’t had kids yet? Doubts crept in. ‘Was this because of some unconfessed sin in my life? Did God really not want me to be a mother? Why was it so easy for everybody else to get pregnant? When would it happen?'”
The heartbroken mom-in-waiting got to the point where she no longer bought pregnancy tests. It wasn’t the sort of “negative” that she wanted to have in her life.

The couple finally began to look into adoption in the summer of 2011. They were officially “on file” a day after they began the paperwork process through an agency, but their prayers were actually answered another way. Beth’s father-in-law called her with news about a family friend whose daughter was pregnant. Two months later, they welcome Delaney Jane into their family.

Shortly thereafter, the same young woman had another baby girl, and the two were ecstatic when they adopted Delaney’s biological sister, Kylea Elizabeth! A few years later, the same woman who had given birth Beth and Allen’s first two girls was pregnant yet again, but this time she had a little boy. After Brooks Allen joined his two sisters, Beth and Allen thought their family was finally complete.

Although Beth felt blessed to have become a mother 3 times over, her desire to actually carry a child and feel a precious little baby kick and squirm inside of her never went away. Lucky for her, God was still very much tuned-in to her heart’s desire.

“After feeling bad (nauseous, very tired, vomiting) for a week, I made a doctor’s appointment to see what might be going on. My husband later told me he ‘just had a feeling.'”

After she made an appointment to officially rule out pregnancy, she was floored when the doctor told her that it was too late for her husband to get a vasectomy. Not only was she pregnant, but the timing was an absolute miracle!

“After estimating my due date based on my last period, they gave us a projected conception date, April 6. Brooks’s adoption was final on April 5. God’s plan was so perfect that HE didn’t wait weeks or months or even years after the finalization of our last adoption, HE literally closed the chapter on that part of our story and turned the page to a new chapter the very NEXT day!”
At 37 years old, Beth found herself having a healthy “first” pregnancy, even though she already had three children at home. The happy mom went on to say that it was a miracle that God even allowed her to carry precious Caroline Rose, when she had already been blessed with “3 beautiful babies through adoption.”