Sick Dog Cowers In Fear When Rescuers Approach, Gets Her Very First Bath Ever

Blossom was trembling in fear when she was found leaning by the front porch of an abandoned house. The rescuers wanted to help her, but she kept running away and hiding. After much struggle, they managed to get hold of her and bring her to the shelter.

As Blossom was finally under WOOF Pet Rescue’s care, she felt the love and care from the workers, and finally felt safe and relaxed for the first time. However, she was found to be suffering from a severe case of mange, and needed immediate treatment.

After her vet visit, Blossom was taken for a warm bath. The poor pup had never had a bath in her life. So, she seemed nervous at the sight of the bath-tub. As the staff started washing her with a lathering soap, she slowly relaxed, and placed her full trust in the workers!


Blossom felt fully rejuvenated after the pampering bath. After that day, she never hesitated to jump in for the medicated baths, which helped treat her mange.

After weeks of recovery, Blossom blossomed into a playful, loving dog, and became friends with everyone at the shelter. Today, Blossom has found a forever home with an affectionate family, and her days of helplessness and struggle on the streets have finally come to an end!

Click the video below to watch the scared Blossom receive a bath that nourished her heart and her soul!

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Mama Dog Buries Her 9 Puppies To Save Them From Raging Forest Fire

As people and animals tried to escape the fire that spread across their town, one female dog found herself caught in a critical situation.

A mama dog tried to keep her nine puppies alive and away from the inferno by burying them deep in a hole she dug herself. Sadly, this catastrophic fire cost one person his life, while thousands were forced to evacuate.

Just as it seemed the puppies may perish, someone told firefighters on the scene that they saw a dog digging a hole nearby. On closer inspection, the firefighters noticed the tiny pups, believed to be about two weeks old.

After a 45-minute ordeal to access the pups, everyone made it out alive. The mama dog was discovered hiding under a container.

The story captured hearts and clicks around the world. The brave mama dog was named La Negrita, and she and her pups were placed into foster care until they could be permanently adopted.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below.

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