Rescue Dog Senses Danger In The Wall And Wakes Dad In The Middle Of The Night

Carl the Wonder Pup is being hailed a hero after saving his new owner from a hidden danger lurking in the walls. The rescue dog could sense something was wrong in their San Diego home and woke his dad up in the middle of the night. And the man will never forget it.


Drew Smith was originally at the shelter looking to adopt a Golden Retriever when Carl caught his eye instead, and he knew right then the dog was the one. They hit it off right away. It was just meant to be. And for the first three weeks together, Drew didn’t hear a single bark from the friendly and easy-going pup.

But one night, that changed. Drew was awoken by the dog’s frantic and constant barking, and he knew something must be wrong. It turned out Carl detected smoke in the walls even before the smoke alarm did. Their house was on fire, and the rescue dog returned the favor by saving his dad!



Rescuers Rush to Save Dog After He Faints Right In Front of Them

Hope For Paws got a call from Good Samaritans who were running a garage sale when they say they saw a dog be hit by a car and the dog walked to their table.

The moment they arrived he fainted right in front of them. Eldad Hagar knew Tux was in very bad shape and so they swept him up in their arms and rushed him to hospital.

Tux had swelling in his brain and that’s why the poor fellow had collapsed. He needed to stay in hospital for several weeks but when he was all better, Eldad shared that the sweet dog found a home!

Watch his touching rescue in the video below.