Child Draws Black Eyebrows On White Dog, Owner Unable To Scrub Them Off

Kids and dogs can become the best of friends if children are taught the do’s and dont’s of how to be a good person towards an animal. Despite her best efforts to raise her daughter to be nice to the family dog, a Samoyed named Benny, a woman in London, Ontario, Canada recently received a very unexpected canine surprise.

Elaina Gee came home after a long day to discover her sweet dog no longer looked the way he did when she left the house. Elaina’s daughter took it upon herself to pencil in some extra features on Benny’s face.

The dog was sitting peacefully on Elaina’s bed, but when he turned to look at his owner, that’s when the big reveal occurred. Benny now had a set of very dark eyebrows to offset the white color of his fur. Her daughter drew dark eyebrows on the doggo to give him a permanent look of surprise.

Thankfully, the naughty child only used an eyebrow pencil for her artwork, so it could be removed. Scrubbing didn’t work at first, so Elaina used some dog shampoo to lather it up and get Benny back to his normal facial expressions.

We love a happy ending and hope Elaina keeps her makeup pencils far from her daughter’s reach in the future.