Starved Pup Kept Tied To Pole Surrounded By Broken Glass – Only Fed 1 Snail A Day

Chloe Henley and Alex Jewkes, from Norfolk, England, were on vacation in the Philippines when they came across a tiny two-month-old puppy who was in need of help.

The pup was tied to a lamp-post by four feet of rope next to a construction site in the town of El Nido. He wouldn’t stop crying out for help and was in visibly bad shape. He was severely malnourished and surrounded by broken glass and sharp metal.

The only thing his owners fed him was one snail per day if he was lucky, and he was never given any water. Instead, his owners mocked him and laughed at him.

The couple argued with his owners, explaining to them how poorly they are treating him, but they just laughed and brushed it off.

Clearly, he was unwanted, and his owners told the couple to take him away. The couple even offered money for him, but the owners declined and said he is worthless.

From that moment on, the pup was finally in good hands. They decided to name this sweet boy, Peso.

Henley and Jewkes fed him and gave him water. They brought him to the beach to run around, the first time he’s felt freedom in his short little life.

It was also the first time in his life that he experienced love and attention.

But those weren’t the only things he’s experienced for the first time. He also felt grass beneath his little paws for the first time, and his reaction was absolutely priceless! (You can watch it in the video below)

The couple brought Peso to the vet to be checked over and vaccinated. They knew they couldn’t leave the Philippines without him, so they made it their goal to get him back to England.

They set up a GoFundMe, and with the help from more than 200 generous donors, they were able to raise enough funds to get Peso back to the UK with them.

Peso is now happy and healthy and can leave his awful past behind him for good!


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Dog Proves He Sings Better Than Dad, Who Destroys Whitney Houston Song

The song “I Will Always Love You” was made famous by country songstress, Dolly Parton. It gained more fame thanks to Whitney Houston belting it out in the movie, “The Bodyguard.”

The guy in this video is about to destroy the song, and his dog seems to agree. While his human has zero vocal ability, the sweet Labrador wants to either harmonize or drown out the guy’s horrible rendition.

If this duo were to try out for a show like “American Idol” or “The Voice,” chances are the dog would make it but the guy would be sent packing.

Judges would probably give the dog high marks for his harmonizing abilities and also being able to stay in the same room while his owner pulverizes the song.

Turn the volume up and take a listen for yourself in the video below. Feel free to sing along!