When We Saw These Two Horses Stuck In The Ice, We Knew We Had To Act Fast

Clydesdale horses are big. Just looking at these tall, impressive specimens can make more than a few viewers gasp at the sheer muscle coursing through their body. Sometimes, they’ll weigh somewhere around 1,500 pounds. But even giant Clydesdales can get scared, and when they do, you better watch out—because they might be just a few steps away from getting themselves into very big trouble.

Wilhelm and Gunther are two 15-year-old Clydesdales living in the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. They have a good life with plenty of land to graze, but one day, they didn’t feel like they could stay anymore. Both horses hopped the fence and ran away from something that must have spooked them, but what was about to happen was going to spook them even more.

A little while after the two horses escaped together, some people discovered that them. They saw two horses’ heads peeking above the ice at nearby Pine Grove Lake. These rescuers called the police, and they started brainstorming a plan to get these two mammoth horses out of the cold and into safety. They didn’t know how long the horses had been there, so they knew they had to act fast.


Pretty soon, the rescuers broke out chain saws and ice picks and started clearing a path for the two horses. A local news station covered the story from the beginning, where viewers got to watch the long path of ice being broken and the countless humans pulling at the horses’ reins to get them to land.

Luckily, as they would discover later, the horses were standing on something beneath the water. That made it so that they didn’t have to tread water the entire time, which could have caused plenty of stress and exertion that could have been bad for the horses.

But after what felt like forever, they finally helped the horses travel through the water and exit back onto land. Right when they got out, they both kicked off their shoes, and it was time for the humans to help them yet again.

Horses can suffer from hypothermia, so the rescuers broke out horse blankets and warmers, and they did everything they could to prevent Gunther and Wilhelm from getting sick. They spent time with them and gave them everything they need, including some veterinary help, and now, they don’t have much to worry about. Nothing substantial came from this episode, as the only things the vets have to check for are superficial bruises and bumps.

In other words, these two 1,5000-pound horses are doing just fine! They were being closely watched by veterinarians who were taking precautions to make sure that they weren’t suffering from any cold-related issues, but none of it was happening. This brave duo made it through a horrendous event, and I’m over here clapping for the rescuers—but also clapping for the fact that at least the horses got to do it together.

What do you think about this rescue? Have you seen anything like it?

Source: https://awm.com