Comfy Chairs Give Shelter Dogs A Taste Of Home While They Await Adoption

The homeless dogs at Knox County Humane Society are enjoying the best seats at the shelter thanks to a creative idea and generous donors.

The staff at this no-kill Illinois shelter have always gone above and beyond to provide for their rescued residents. They make sure every dog gets personalized attention and the best opportunities for adoption. But despite all they do, they know life in the shelter is tough. Dogs live in their kennels and spend months without knowing a family. To make life a little more comfortable, shelter staff got the idea to give each dog a gift.

It started when the canine receptionist Buster Brown started stealing the seats of his human counterparts. His job is to hang out in the front office to greet visitors, and it’s hard work. He needed a chair of his own, so the shelter found him one.

Buster Brown’s coworkers put an old comfy chair behind the desk, and the dog fell in love. He sat cozily in his chair during his shifts, and having that small slice of home seemed to help him stay calm and content.

After seeing how much having a chair benefited Buster Brown, it was soon decided all the shelter dogs should have their own chairs. Staff started reaching out to donors and volunteers asking people to bring in their old unwanted chairs. The community was fast to respond, and soon the shelter was packed full of aging recliners and armchairs.

The chairs are torn, stained, and outdated, and “well-loved,” but they’re perfect for the rescue dogs. Staff put the chairs in each of the kennels, and the dogs immediately showed their approval. Big dogs and little dogs now have a comfy place to relax that simulates the kind of environment they’ll be in once they finally get adopted. The chairs will end up looking even worse for wear after a few weeks, but the shelter isn’t worried. The chairs are there for comfort and enrichment, and when they’re too torn to be functional, they’ll be replaced.

The pictures and videos the shelter has shared of dogs enjoying their new chairs have caught the internet’s spotlight. They hope that by attracting attention to their rescue dogs, more people will come forward ready to adopt. They’re also still accepting unwanted chairs to give to the dogs. Visit their website to learn more about adopting a dog and donating a chair.