Daughter Secretly Records Father Singing – Everyone On The Internet Adores His Voice

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How would you feel if someone secretly recorded you singing and uploaded it online? Many people would be horrified. But Kris Stapleton thinks that it’s one of the best things to ever happen to him.

All teenagers think that their parents are embarrassing. It’s just a rite of passage. But sometimes they try to make fun of their parents and get a reaction that they weren’t expecting. That’s just what happened with Dayla Jones.

Her father, Kris, loves to sing along to songs from his youth on the radio. In fact, anytime he gets in the car, he tunes in to the oldies station and belts out whatever’s playing. And whenever Dayla is in the car, she laughs at him.

But Kris doesn’t mind. He knows that teenagers love to laugh at their parents, especially when the parent is being so passionate!

Yet one day, Dayla decided to go to a whole new level. She got in the car with her dad. He tuned in the radio once again and started singing.

Then the song Tennessee Whiskey started playing. It was a particular favorite of Kris’s.

Dayla decided to get her phone out. Instead of being on an app that Kris had never heard of, Dayla had turned her camera on. She hit record.

Kris started to sing along. Dayla started smirking, as most teenagers would do.
But then Kris harmonizes to the lyrics perfectly. There’s nothing embarrassing about this performance at all. In fact, it might just be the best rendition of Tennessee Whiskey of all time!

But Dayla doesn’t appear to realize this.

She can’t separate the performance from her teenage desire to make fun of her father. Instead, she makes funny faces as Kris drives and sings.

And Kris doesn’t miss a beat. He’s pitch-perfect throughout.

At the end of the song, Dayla uploaded the video to every social media platform known to man and some only known to teenagers.
But Kris would have the last laugh.

Every single place where she uploaded the video to saw the same things happen. The views increased, the likes shot up and the comments all said the same thing: Dayla’s dad was an amazing singer.
Over 43 million people have viewed the video on YouTube alone. It also has over 436,000 likes and almost 26,000 comments.

Dayla must have had quite the awakening when she saw that her dad was actually way, way cooler than her!
Still, that’s just another normal part of growing up. After years of laughing at your parents and thinking that they’re the most cringe-worthy people on the planet, you realize that, no, they’re actually people like anyone else. In fact, they have some talents other than raising a child to become a bossy teen!

And the real upshot of this video is that Kris has become something of a celebrity. He has even turned his singing into a second career.

He’s since been signed to the record label Bent Bar Records and released two country albums. On top of this, he’s had tons of media appearances, such as being a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

All in all, that isn’t bad for a video that Dayla put up to make fun of her dad! The big irony is that George Jones put off his singing career in order to provide for his children. In an around about way, doing that would lead him to stardom in the end!