Diver Sees Glass Bottle Moving Capturing Footage Of Animal That Goes Viral

Diving in the ocean can lead to all sorts of interesting discoveries! Sunken ships, fascinating creatures, hidden vegetation and a whole ecosystem that’s normally far away from prying human eyes lies just below the surface of the ocean.

That’s exactly what this diver stumbled upon and now his discovery is going viral!

This diver didn’t find hidden treasure of a monetary value, instead he found something of greater importance that left him scratching his head. From the corner of his eye, the diver spotted a glass bottle on the bottom of the sea floor that seemed to be squirming about.

What in the world could it be?

When he looked closer, the diver saw that something was trapped inside the glass – and just as he reached down to try to free the mysterious creature, a pale moving piece of flesh started to wriggle itself out of the bottleneck.

Taken aback, the diver watched as more and more tentacles started to free themselves from inside the glass bottle! This was one of the most fascinating things he’d ever experienced while exploring the ocean and thankfully he had a video camera running the entire time.

In what seemed like a flash, the pale creature was completely out of the bottle and it started to turn a deep red! That’s when he realized that the ocean-dwelling animal was an octopus and it was capable of squeezing into the tightest of places!

The man floated above the octopus and watched as the color returned fully to its body! This was a beautiful animal and he was able to experience its magic firsthand!

The octopus hung around for a few more minutes – inspecting the diver just like he was doing to it – before scooting across the ocean floor and out of the camera’s reach!

Thankfully, the diver uploaded the video he was able to capture online and shared it for the world to see! This interaction displays the sheer wonder that’s hiding under the crashing waves and beyond the sandy shores!

Take a peek at this fascinating discovery by pressing “play” on the video below. The ocean is so neat!

Source: www.sharetap.it

Toddler Sits Next To Tough Man On Flight But When He Repeatedly Drops Blanket Mom Captures Man’s Act

Well, for a parent traveling with a young child, the day may perhaps look a little different…

Over-flowing activity and snack bags, clogged ears, countless potty trips, inconsolable tears, and irritated onlookers – ugh, “Are we there yet?”

Traveling can be stressful, especially when kids are involved. One worried mom recently made a lengthy trip via the skies with her toddler. And, as luck would have it, she had a flying experience which she will certainly never forget.

As this “Anxious Mother” (as she refers to herself in her Facebook post) boarded the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Canada with her young child and her child’s grandfather, she had misgivings. The extent of her son’s flying experience was one other trip on an airplane, just one short week before.

Although this little boy was typically “well-behaved and quiet” – as parents, we know that all “normal” child behavior can often go out the airplane window when traveling 40,000 feet in the air.

When this mother noticed the “big, macho looking guy in probably his late twenties” who would be sharing the seat just beside her toddler, her already heightened level of anxiety rose even more.

However, and as this nervous mom learned on that fateful day, you should never judge a book by its cover – or a person by his or her appearance…

She explained in her “Love What Matters” letter to this complete stranger,

“The moment I saw you (a big, macho looking guy in probably your late twenties), I was worried that you wouldn’t take kindly to and would be offput by sitting beside a small child.”

She then went on to share,

“The seatbelt sign remained on for quite a good portion of our flight for turbulence, which meant instead of sitting and being comforted on mine or grandpa’s lap, he had to be belted in beside you instead.”
And as it turns out, the family’s flying experience did not go as this “Anxious Mother” thought it would – by any stretch of the imagination.

She wrote in her letter to the stranger seated next to her son,

“I didn’t get your name, but thank you so much for grabbing his blanket the numerous times he dropped it, half asleep. Thank you for making sure to point your cabin light away from him when he finally did fall asleep. Thank you for being kind and engaging him even though you weren’t obligated to do so. Thank you for offering him (and us) candy and gum for his ears.”
Then, after listing more kind actions of this “macho guy” – the grateful mom’s heartfelt conclusion said,

“Thank you for making our flight experience a lesson in compassion and empathy for others. That little boy will grow into a man one day (hopefully like you) and he will get a lot more out of your simple actions than you realize. You will make a wonderful father some day if you so choose.”
And, as fate would have it, the letter reached the “mystery man” from the Canada-bound flight – and he responded to the mom’s complimentary words:

“A friend of mine recognized me in this post and I was both humbled and touched by the kind words of the woman who wrote it. I just want to say, that it was a such pleasure to meet such a loving family. Although he doesn’t show in this picture, the young boy’s grandfather should be the one receiving all this recognition. His patience and kindness toward his grandson was heartwarming.”
And the stranger, Ali Hyseni, finished his reply with a little advice for all of us,

“Actions like this are inspiring and we should all strive to be like this man.”
Let this touching story of love, from stranger to stranger, be an important reminder to us all. Share this unexpected flight experience with your friends and family, and encourage others to always choose love.

Source: https://faithtap.com