Nervous Girl Asks Grandpa To Cheer With Her At Competition Busting Out Moves Making Crowd Roar

Do you remember the very first performance you had as a kid? You probably felt really nervous! It’s the first time you’re onstage with multiple eyeballs looking in your direction.

Four-year-old McKinly Lester definitely felt scared the first time she went onstage to perform for a cheerleading competition. She may have been doing cheerleading for about a year but still, performing solo is an entirely different story! Luckily, her “Papaw” was close by ready to help. Feeling nervous, the young girl went to her Mom, Chelsea, and said, “Mommy, I want Papaw to dance with me!”

Young McKinly was absolutely terrified when she was about to do her solo act in her school’s cheerleading competition. There was only one way for her to overcome her fear, and that was if her grandfather, Jeff Harville, would dance with her!

Being the ever-supportive grandp, Jeff did not think twice. He joined his granddaughter in front of the crowd and danced his best to the tune of “Chicken Dance”! This amazing granddaddy is definitely “Grandfather of the Year” material!


Jeff was absolutely thrilled to help, doing his best moves so his granddaughter would feel better and more comfortable. He was clapping his hands and shaking his hips, eager to show McKinly that she should not worry and just have fun!

To top it all off, it turned out that the fantastic “Papaw” could groove. He was copying the moves around him and excelled at it. Seeing just how much fun grandpa was having helped his granddaughter get in the zone and relax as she too began to dance energetically.

She is actually really good. Her grandfather’s support was, in fact, all she needed to feel better and when she did, her dancing skills shone through.

But just when everyone thought that Jeff was already dancing his best he goes and tries to touch his toes showing off his flexibility! What an amazing grandpa, indeed! The performance was so fun to watch and McKinly certainly felt assured as she performed because her “Papaw” was there to save the day.

Jeff’s amazing performance only showed how much a grandparent loves his grandchild. They would do anything just to make their little ones happy. It is such a touching moment and everyone at the event knew that Jeff loved little McKinly.

It was a beautiful display of love and support and how being all-out supportive towards kids affects them in tremendously positive ways.

This grandfather is definitely a gem and McKinly is super lucky to have him as her “Papaw”.