New Law Makes it a Felony to Leave Dogs Outside in The Cold in Pennsylvania

Dogs left outside in dangerous weather is one of the most common forms of animal cruelty. Police and animal cruelty agencies investigate this form of abuse more than any other form of animal abuse.

But dogs in Pennsylvania will now have stronger protection thanks to a new law that makes it a felony for residents to leave their dogs outside in the cold.

Dog owners who leave a dog outside in extremely cold weather for too long could now face felony animal cruelty charges of up to 7 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Libre’s Law (or Pennsylvania, House Bill 1238) was signed into law recently, and specifies that dogs cannot be left outside in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes at a time.

The law was one of several new protections for animals signed into law, that were sparked by the abuse and neglect of a puppy named Libre.

Libre was at the signing with Gov. Tom Wolf as he signed the bill into law (and even applied an inky paw print to the document).

This is a long overdue change, but a positive one. Considering that dogs left outside in extreme cold risk hypothermia, frostbite and death, it seems only appropriate that owners face stronger criminal charges for their actions.

If you see a dog left outside in extreme temperatures, please contact your local law enforcement and/or humane society report it.


Man finds five moving mud balls in a well at a construction site – turns out to be the fluffiest puppies you’ll ever see

Following the sounds, he came to a well and peered inside. He saw what looked like moving mud balls.

Without hesitation, he jumped inside and retrieved them one by one.

The mud balls turned out to be five newborn puppies.

He guessed that the pups’ stray mother must have wandered into the well, but was now nowhere to be found. Thankfully, the puppies were not injured, only heavily coated with mud. It was also fortunate that the mud didn’t suffocate them.

Surachet took the five muddy puppies home to wash them and give them something to eat.

When the puppies are finally clean, an adorable sight awaits!

The puppies’ endearing appearance melted the hearts of the Surachet family who decided to adopt all of them then and there.

Surachet’s story has been shared on social media and viewers have expressed their admiration for his bravery and kind heart. Can’t wait to see how these puppies would look like when they’re older!


Dog Surrendered To Shelter With His Bed And All His Toys

The garbage bags contained his bed and all of his toys that the previous owner surrendered along with Wall-E. The shelter posted that the decision to surrender the dog was not taken lightly, as the family was in tears.”This guy deserves a forever family who won’t give up on him! Please don’t bash his previous owners though. We don’t know the whole story. What we do know is the owner was heartbroken and crying. It was hard to finally help them leave. The staff was crying with the owners. We don’t believe this decision was taken lightly.”

However, Wall-E was confused and left wondering what he did wrong to end up back at the shelter.

Jordan Bader, manager of the shelter’s Facebook page, told The Dodo, “He was surrendered by his family because they did not have enough time for him. He was very scared. In his kennel, he would bark and bark.”

A photo of Wall-E and his belongings was posted by the shelter with a plea for a new forever home. The heart-wrenching photo went viral. Along with the photo the staff posted, “Here is Wall-E when he was getting surrendered by his owner 😞. They brought all his stuff.. like it was gonna be there with him 2 months later in his kennel 😞.”

The 6-year-old Lab mix was potty trained and good with kids. He was passed by for two months until one woman saw his photo and heard his story. All he wanted was a home that would love him forever.

Well – he found it! Lynn Lee came to the shelter and met the handsome fella. She immediately fell in love and adopted Wall-E. She brought her other dog along and the two got along great. Now Wall-E will spend the rest of his life playing at the park and sleeping in the sun.

Remember that dogs see you as part of their pack and they should be viewed as family members. They would never abandon or leave you, so do not abandon them. Adopt don’t shop!


Pregnant Pit Bull Is Dumped By Owner, Then Shelter Sees ‘Uncountable’ Puppies On X-Ray Of Womb

OK, wait — scratch that. The one thing cuter than a puppy is a lot of puppies.

Have you ever seen a whole litter of pups before? A few years ago, I had the honor of playing with a newborn dog (before returning him to his mama and five siblings), and I can honestly say it changed my life.

Here’s the thing, though. As adorable as puppies are, watching a dog give birth is not quite as adorable. Just like human births, it can be distressing, nerve-racking, and downright gross.

Amazing? Sure. Awe-inspiring? Definitely. But cute? Not so much.

Most pregnant dogs are expecting just a few offspring at once — but every so often, things get a little crazier. Multiples aren’t out of the ordinary for dog births, but more than five — or more than 10 — puppies is pretty unusual.

When this sweet pit bull was abandoned, a shelter picked her up, and a volunteer started fostering her.

Obviously, they realized that this sweet fur baby was expecting, so they assumed they’d add a few new fresh faces to the brood.

They definitely didn’t expect to find an ‘uncountable’ number of skeletons inside mom’s uterus.

But that’s exactly what they saw when the vet showed them the dog’s X-ray.

Quite frankly, it’s impossible to tell exactly how many pups there are — it could be seven or eight, but it could also be 12 or 13.

Without taking a bunch of X-rays from different angles, it’s not even possible for the vet to figure it out.

The future owner of the dog wrote, “I do not know how many she is having, but there’s heaps! Like 12 to 15?”

She’s adopting the dog once her pregnancy is over — the puppies will have an easier time finding new homes, so it’s great that someone wants to take in Mom.

The only way to know how many babies there are is to wait for mama to go into labor and see how many puppies come out.

Like other dog owners, they’ll have to wait alongside their doggo to learn just how many puppies she’s actually carrying.

Once the babies are born, they’ll need to spend some time at home with their mom.

Eventually, when they’ve weaned themselves off breast milk and can walk and play and handle themselves around people, they’ll get to find their own forever homes.

People who saw the photos were blown away by the number of puppies. One person wrote, “She’s beautiful, mail me a puppy!”

And another said, “My god, that’s a lot of puppies! Sometimes I think I’ve counted like 18ish in there, maybe more. Please update us! Congrats on your new dog!”

Best of luck to this mom-to-be and the new dog parents that will adopt her precious pups!