Their Dog Disappeared 5 Months Ago. Today They Got A Call From 5 States Away

Dogs quickly become integral members of their families. So when a family lost their beloved pooch, they started a grand search to find it. But when they were unable to get any leads, they found themselves grieving the loss of the dog. This family felt that their furry best friend with four legs and owner Lisa Corbett was distraught that her Australian shepherd had gone missing.

Corbett was desperate to find the dog, which simply disappeared one day. There was no trace as to where he went, and it was unlike him to just disappear. Corbett searched high and low looking for clues as to where the dog went but came up empty-handed. This made her feel even worse.

For months, Lisa Corbett tried to come to terms with life without her pooch. As the summer turned to fall, her hopes of finding him started to disappear. If he was loose in the wild, he might not survive the cold because things get pretty chilly in the Boise, Idaho area where Corbett was living.

Corbett had all but given up hope when her phone rang on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Because work had slowed down due to the impending holiday, Corbett figured it was a distant family member trying to reconnect. But she saw the number originated in Tennessee. She had no idea who could be calling.

After she answered the phone, she got the news she never expected to hear. This person had found her long-lost Australian shepherd. But how did the dog get five states away in five months?

The animal hospital was located in Memphis, Tennessee. They wanted to let Corbett know that despite the odds, they were in possession of her dog Jake. She could not believe the news, which instantly made her feel great that holiday season.

Apparently, Jake had been seen wandering the streets of Memphis. Some generous soul took him in and brought him to the animal shelter. After running a test, they discovered that he belongs to Corbett who lived hundreds of miles away across multiple state lines in Idaho. If Jake hadn’t been microchipped, the Memphis animal shelter would never have been able to help locate his owner.

Corbett was in shock when she first received the call from the Memphis shelter. She had no idea how Jake had traveled so far and didn’t expect to be reunited with him after so many months. But she was delighted to know that he was safe and sound.

Because Corbett was ready to take Jake home, she hopped on a plane and went straight to Memphis. It took a few hours, but she landed in Memphis just in time to have a Thanksgiving celebration with her beloved dog Jake.

When she was reunited with him, she said that Jake looked pretty tired. And that makes sense. He managed to take a 2,000-mile journey from Idaho to Memphis. Perhaps he just wanted to experience some great music and didn’t want to wait for Corbett to book the trip.