She Sings “Hallelujah” Like An Angel But When Choir Joins In It’s Pure Heaven

During this live recording of “Hallelujah,” solo artist McKenna Breinholt pairs up with the Cinematic Pop Orchestra and Choir to give an unforgettable performance. Their rendition of the classic song is so powerful, it is sure to take your breath away!

There are many different versions of Leonard Cohen’s song, “Hallelujah,” yet this is arguably one of the most memorable. The performance took place on June 9, 2015 at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona. McKenna, who is just 16-years-old, is accompanied by an entire orchestra of instruments, as well as a full-choir.


The song begins with the soft sounds of the musicians playing together. Then, when the young woman joins in…. get ready for goosebumps! Her voice is so beautiful and angelic, that it’s easy to see why she was chosen as the group’s songstress.

While McKenna on her own sings the lyrics perfectly, the addition of the choir is absolutely stunning. The auditorium is filled with so much heart and soul from so many different artists, that it really is quite moving. During the performance, they even sing the final verse of the song that is often left out… Even if you believe that you already have a favorite version of “Hallelujah,” get ready, because this one may move up to the top of your list!



Weekly Dog Visits Are Bringing These Nursing Home Patients Back to Life

“Our residents adore the dogs, and many of them benefit enormously from the engagement provided; we see them waiting patiently in reception to welcome the dogs each week when they arrive,” said Caitriona Doole, Specialist Mental Health Nurse and Nurse Manager at Milesian Manor.

The nursing home has fully embraced the idea of pet therapy. One of their former residents’ daughters used to bring in dogs all the time for a visit, and since that resident has passed on, she’s continued to bring the furry visitors on a regular basis, because it’s clear that they’ve made a huge difference in the mood of the patients.

“Engaging with an animal benefits humans of all ages both physically and mentally; it has been proven that pet therapy can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety and increase mobility and flexibility,” said Doole. “It also encourages mental stimulation as just by being there they encourage the person to interact in a way that perhaps they can’t normally due to medical or even emotional issues.

Four of the dogs are larger breeds, which some residents really love. They include a huge Newfoundland, a Labrador retriever, and two golden retrievers. The rest of the dogs are a smaller Shih-tzu breed, perfect for cuddling on the laps of patients who don’t have the mobility to reach down to pet a larger dog.

Many of the residents have one dog they are particularly attached to. “One resident, Stuart, walks a golden retriever called Finn every week around the wellness garden. He had kept dogs all through his life and they are an important part of his week,” said Doole. “Another resident, Isabella just loves to get one of the little dogs up on her knee; she’ll happily sit for hours stroking the dogs.”

And according to Doole, there’s some evidence the dogs help with dementia patients’ memories as well. “I’ve seen people living with dementia remembering the dog’s names from week to week that alone speaks volumes to me.”

On top of regular canine visits, the nursing home also offers residents a home-from-home social space, a cinema, a wellness garden, a café and a spa. These accommodations encourage the seniors to continue to live happy and active lives despite the limitations old age places on them.

“Our aim at Milesian Manor is provide care that puts our residents and their families first,” said Doole. “We strive to offer an exceptional programme of events each and every day that brings the residents a chance to engage in a variety of activities and utilise the wonderful spaces that we have.”

This nursing home is certainly doing a good job of providing companionship and mental and physical stimulation by bringing in friendly dogs to play and cuddle with. Check out the video below to see just how much enjoyment the residents get out of their regular weekly dog day: