Elvis Made It Famous 62 Years Ago But When Andrea Bocelli Sings It With Son Tears Fall From Everyone’s Eyes

We’ve seen classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sing with a host of talented musicians by his side. From Celine Dion to Ed Sheeran, Pavarotti to Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Tony Bennett – Andrea’s never one to shy away from a duet.

But when his usually bashful son Amos asked his father for a duet, Andrea’s eyes welled up. It’s not every day you get to perform alongside your flesh and blood! Their rendition of “Love Me Tender” is something all parents should hear at least once in their lives. You can hear the love he has for his son in every gently crooned word…

In an interview with Gulf News, Andrea admitted that he loves doing duets and that he’s enjoyed nearly every single professional duet to which he’s been a part of.

“When two voices are intertwined and reciprocally enhance their expressive qualities, something magical happens, and it remains inside your ear. It is closer to one hundred than to ten, the number of colleagues with whom I am particularly happy I have been able to make music.”
Andrea’s been able to share the stage with musical legends such as Barbra Streisand, Sarah Brightman, Nelly Furtado, Placido Domingo, Daniela Dessi and so many more over the decades. Even though all of these performances will hold a special place in Andrea’s heart, nothing compares to sharing the stage with his family.

His son Matteo is usually the one to accompany Andrea onstage, but this time, Amos wanted a chance to perform with his father. Amos sat down on the piano while Andrea took the microphone proudly in both hands. Together, the pair performed a rendition of “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley that surely had The King smiling down from Heaven.

The men’s sound reverberated off the theater walls and filled the audiences’ ears with beauty. Some of those watching in-person couldn’t help but tear up.

This father-son performance was one for the ages and Andrea couldn’t have been more proud of his baby boy!

Listen to Andrea and Amos perform for yourself in the video below. What talented Bocelli men!

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Hit Song Starts Playing And Soldiers Deliver Moves Setting Internet Ablaze

So when our brave servicemen and women finally have a chance to relax back on base, they take full advantage of it. That’s what these soldiers did one afternoon – and they decided to make a video to capture their fun break from war.

After hours of brainstorming, the soldiers got together and performed a rendition of Carly Rae Jepson’s hit song “Call Me Maybe” that was too funny for words. The men first saw this type of spoof video from the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders – but they knew they could make a video 10 times better.

They gathered the troops and their video equipment, it was time to make a music video!

The men sang their hearts out while dancing all over their military equipment. Days spent in the unrelenting desert sun can get tiresome – so it felt nice to let loose and enjoy the day with their fellow soldiers. Normally, they’re watching each other’s “six” on the battlefield, but today they got to watch each other boogie.

By the end of the video, even those watching at home were singing and dancing along with the men.

It takes someone very comfortable in their own skin to dance on-camera as these men did. The soldiers didn’t think twice before sharing their silly video online. They thought their friends and family back home would get a kick out of their version of “Call Me Maybe ” – they had no idea that millions across the county would tune in to check out their video as well.

It seems as though everyone loves these boogying, battling soldiers.

Watch the soldiers’ hilarious video for yourself below. They definitely deserve to have fun while fighting for our freedom!

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Bride Meets Little Girl Before Wedding Falling To Her Knees Instant She Realizes Her Identity

It all began when Skye’s mom began noticing small bruises on her baby girls body prompting her to take her to the doctor. After multiple exams and blood work it was determined that she was sick with leukemia. Heartbroken, her parents found it hard to learn their baby’s diagnosis but began doing everything in their power to help little Skye. Little did they know that a woman named Hayden would soon come into their lives and impact it forever.

While Skye was receiving treatment in California, Hayden, who lived in Alabama, was in college. Unsure of her future, Hayden was struggling with finding her purpose in life. That’s when she came across a flyer asking for bone marrow donations through the organization Be The Match. Immediately, Hayden called the number for more information, soon enrolling to be a donor and being paired with little Skye.

After the donation Hayden was desperate to meet the donor recipient and their family but due to regulations they were restricted from contacting each other for one year or knowing anything about them. Fast forward one year later and the family contacted Hayden to thank her for saving their baby girl. From that point on a beautiful relationship was born.

Hayden desperately wanted to meet them so she invited the family to come to her wedding stating, “I know that y’all are all the way out in California, but I just want you to know that you’re wanted here.” On the day before her wedding Hayden finally got the chance to meet little Skye – and the moment couldn’t have been any sweeter. Watch the full story in the video below. Thank goodness for wonderful blessings such as Hayden and Skye.

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