Mom Lives With Family Of 6 In RV Opening Door To Reveal Inside That Has People Speechless

Ever since clutter clearing books like Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up hit the bestseller list, the trend of minimalism has been on the rise. However, being a minimalist doesn’t just mean spending a weekend organizing your closet, donating things you don’t love, and then calling it a day. The movement also extends to other areas of life as well.

In fact, the number of people who are now shunning big homes – and their matching mortgages – in favor of tiny ones has slowly been increasing over the years. But, for those who are really committed to shucking all the layers of stuff they’ve accumulated, the minimalist bible they follow actually has “old school” written all over it.

Although Heather Harger and her husband are nowhere near retirement age, they’re doing what senior citizens everywhere have been doing for decades – living the RV way of life. Most people would find it difficult to purposely downgrade to a 300 square foot home, but this family somehow manages to make it work with two adults and four kids!

In a video tour of her renovated RV home, Heather shows us how sharing the same small crawlspace isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There’s a big yard for the kids to run around and play, and the adorable picnic table out front also doubles as an open-air dining room. There’s also a cute front porch with comfy chairs, which makes staring at the sunset a delightful evening treat. All of that is even before we get to see the inside!

Heather has renovated this 3-bedroom Silverback RV to fit her family’s unique needs. The walls have been hand-painted to provide a cheery interior, while brightly-patterned cushions makes the couch a fun place to chillax. Since Heather homeschools her children, the cabinet space above the couch is used to store all their educational materials.

As with all tiny homes, Heather uses every available nook and cranny to her advantage. What once used to be the indoor dining room next to the couch has been transformed into a charming craft corner for the kids. There are at least seven different seats that can be pulled out for guests, including floor cushions for any children that may stop by for a visit.

The kitchen is fully equipped with full-sized everything, including a stove, oven, and refrigerator. There are double sinks, just like you’d find in any home, and there’s even plenty of counter space for an industrial-sized juicer. Heather’s son Sy has a disease where he’s allergic to almost all foods, so the RV is stocked with special appliances to meet his nutritional needs.

The family’s two boys and two girls each share a small room with bunk beds, whereas the master bedroom has a regular sized bed for mom and dad. Although the bathroom down the hall is small, it’s still cozy and it even has a removable baby tub for Heather’s little one. One thing’s for sure, this RV doesn’t skimp out on all the little luxuries!

This is how a family of six lives in a renovated RV camper.