Flight Attendant Helps Mom With Fussy Toddler & She Has Cutest Thank You

Every parent who’s traveled by plane with their little ones knows how easily a flight can turn into an exhausting nightmare.

Things seemed to be heading that way for mom and teacher Savannah Blum, who recently flew home to Reno, Nevada, after visiting family in Texas during her school’s spring break. Her 19-month-old daughter, Brittan, was growing more and more restless in the air.

Brittan normally goes right to sleep during flights but wasn’t having it after they made a stop in Las Vegas and unexpectedly switched planes. Prepared for a difficult trip, Savannah boarded the second Southwest Airlines flight. That’s when an angel of a woman made an offer that touched her heart.


A flight attendant named Jessica approached Savannah, held her arms out for Brittan and said, “Come here, baby. I got her, Mama. You go sit down.” The grateful mom handed off her little girl, found her seat, and recorded the adorable moment on her phone.

Savannah uploaded the short but sweet video to Facebook with the caption, “Everyone loves this little girl- even Southwest passengers and flight attendants.” In the footage, we see Jessica holding Brittan as she prepares the plan for takeoff. She walks down the aisle and closes overhead bins as the pint-sized cutie blows kisses to other passengers.

Thanks to Jessica’s simple yet incredibly helpful gesture, the flight went smoothly for both mom and toddler. She’s an example of why a little kindness goes a long way — and the thousands who’ve watched the video agree.

Watch as Brittan helps Jessica with her pre-takeoff duties in the clip below, and share with others to make them smile.


Source: www.inspiremore.com