Girl Has Meltdown In Hallway When Officer Approaches Making Headlines With Tactic Principal Can’t Ignore

Everyone gets scared sometimes. It is natural to have something we fear and we look for ways to cope so that this fear does not overcome us and render us motionless. However, for children, it is more difficult to address their fears and win over them.

One of the scariest things that a child can experience is change. The first time they change their routine and go to school, the first time they get separated from their parent or the first time they go out on their own to make some new friends is something that kids get scared about. Just like this little girl from Santa Rosa, California who was too scared to go outside and just wanted to stay in the hallway. Luckily, her school resource officer knew exactly what to do to make her feel better.

In a school for children with moderate to severe disabilities, one student experienced too much fear of going outside the building and wanted to stay indoors hugging her Kermit The Frog stuffed animal. She was clutching it really tight as she was standing by the door, not moving from where she was standing.

Her teacher, Meaghan King, knew that she was afraid of transitioning from the hallway to outside. Some kids really feel fear for these kinds of things. Fortunately, the school resource officer was around and she knew that a sweet song is what this little girl needed to feel braver!


Singing the song “Rainbow Connection”, Officer Chris Morrison slowly made this little girl smile and feel more comfortable. She did not need anyone to tell her what to do at all! The experience taught everyone watching just how powerful a song can be to help a child in fear. The beautiful moment was caught on camera by Meaghan and now everyone is free to witness her amazing act of kindness that helped soothe a child’s fear.

Before becoming an officer Chris had 12 years of experience as a teacher handling high risk students in Los Angeles. This is likely why her instincts made her “jump in” when she saw the scared girl by the door. Her simple response was exactly what the situation called for.

Santa Rosa Police Sgt Jeneane Kucker considers Chris a very caring officer. It’s typical of her personality to go out of her way to help out a child in need.

The school’s Assistant Principal Jessica Romero also sees Chris as a very special soul, saying:

“She comes to everything she does with heart, with empathy, and perspective, and is able to kind of build that rapport with students.”
Chris’ act of kindness is a truly touching story. This inspiring officer proves that we need not be too complex in addressing kids’ needs.

In a child’s world, a simple song sung from the heart can be enough to make them feel better.