Family Reunited With Lost Dog After Stranger Mistook Him For Her Own Missing Pup

The Shelton family adopted their dog, Teddy, when he was just a few weeks old. But their time with him was cut short when he somehow escaped their home a few months later.

The Shelton family was absolutely devastated and searched the area for months. They posted hundreds of flyers all around the neighborhood, and even had volunteers who went door-to-door in every neighborhood within a three-mile radius, hoping someone had found Teddy.

14 months went by, and there was still no trace of Teddy.

That is, until another family in the area was looking for their own dog who had also escaped.

Jamie and her family were driving through a Folsom neighborhood searching for their pup, Chance, when they came across a dog on the side of the road.

Jamie immediately grabbed the pooch, who looked a lot like her dog, but after receiving a few kisses from him, she realized it was not her dog.

Jamie brought him to the shelter, where they scanned for a microchip. It turns out that this Chance look-a-like was Teddy, who had gone missing over a year earlier.

While Jamie was driving to the shelter, she stopped at a gas station, where she wound up finding her own dog. Jamie was in the right place at the right time, twice!

The shelter called the Shelton family, who was absolutely ecstatic to reunite with their pup.

“If you don’t believe fate, this will challenge your beliefs,” Mark Shelton told KCRA.

Shelton hopes that this story will encourage people to bring dogs they find on the streets to local shelters. Chances are, they are microchipped, and would be able to be reunited with their family, just like Teddy was.