From The Streets To The Precinct, Rescue Dog Provides Support During Stressful Times

The Friends for Life Animal Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona, took in a sweet dog named Cora.

Volunteers at the shelter were unsure of Cora’s future, until they heard that the Gilbert Police Department was looking for a therapy dog. Since Cora had such a friendly and kind demeanor, they thought she would be the perfect fit and submitted her for consideration.

Officer Ed Morales, the peer support and wellness coordinator for the department and now Cora’s handler, had been searching for a dog who was empathetic and able to read situations and people, but also had self-confidence in themselves.

They spent months assessing different dogs, but came to the conclusion that Cora was perfect for this role and was exactly what they were looking for.

After the department took her in, Cora went through formal obedience training with dog trainer Sheila Lyenhar, who also got her used to different places, sights, sounds, surfaces, elevators, busy city streets, etc.

Cora has been on the job for two months now, and has already made a difference within the department. She spends her days roaming the halls, visiting employees, and sitting in on meetings

Her Main priority is being involved in critical incident stress debriefings and defusings, and she helps people deal with emotions from traumatic experiences on the job.

According to the Gilbert Police Department, studies have shown that the presence of dogs reduces the stress hormone cortisol for people in stressful environments.

By simply being herself, Cora can change the entire mood or environment of the office.

Learn more about what she does in the video below: