He Saved Dog From Awful Situation – In Return, Dog Helped Him Stay Out Of Jail

Before Andy met Bailey, his life was on a downward spiral. He was addicted to heroin and cocaine for more than a decade and spent time in jail, which eventually led him to being homeless.

He felt lost, depressed, and even contemplated suicide at one point, but then he met a puppy who changed his life for the better.

He bought Bailey from a beggar on the street when he was just four weeks old, which essentially saved Bailey’s life.

“They had doped him [Bailey] up with valium so he wouldn’t cry for his mum,” Andy told Channel 4 News. “So I’ve had him since then, I had to get him off the drugs, I had to get off the drugs, weaned him, I’ve had him since and I haven’t touched a ‘class a’ drug since.”

The two of them have helped save each other. Andy saved Bailey from a horrible situation, and in return, Bailey has helped Andy get through some of his darkest times and has been a constant source of companionship.

Aside from helping Andy escape his dark past, he also helps him carry groceries and has even helped him meet many new people that he never would talked to before.

While Andy felt worthless while living on the streets, Bailey made him feel loved and wanted. She looked up to him for food, love, and has seen him in a different light than others have.

Caring for Bailey has given Andy purpose – purpose to get up every day and be a good person.

Bailey has helped keep Andy off of drugs and out of trouble because Andy knew if he were to get arrested again, he would lose Bailey.

The two of them now live in temporary housing together and are still completely inseparable.

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