Hero pit bull gets stabbed multiple times while trying to protect owner!

Henrico Police says a pit bull was stabbed 12 times after he jumped in to save his owner from a man with a knife.

The attacker, Gordon Atkeison is in jail, being accused of animal cruelty charge and assault.

Gordon Atkeison, who was previously charged with assaulting his girlfriend, got in an argument assaulting her and injuring her face. Police say it was that moment when Chako, a brindle pit bull dog intervened to protect her.

As a result, he got stabbed almost a dozen times, suffering severe wounds to his neck and chest. The woman, who suffered facial injuries during the assault, took her pit bull to the vet immediately after it was stabbed, but he already lost a lot of blood.

Dr. Stephanie Kemp who was part of the team that fought to save the dog’s life declared: “He was a little what we call shocky. His body was responding to that and trying to keep him alive.”

Veterinary expenses were already exceeding $3,000 so two non-profit organizations, Gracie’s Guardians, and Ring Dog Rescue stepped in to help to raise the money for the surgery. In just a few hours, this dog’s tale was shared thousands of times on social media and within 24 hours they were able to cover all the necessary funds.

The community stepped in, as they see in Chako a true hero! He is now