Hilarious dog says “No” to broccoli and carrot but says “Yes” to cheese

When there is cheese on the plate, this smart Rottweiler knows better to not settle on unappetizing-looking broccoli and carrots.

In the amusing video recorded by his owner, the clever dog is captured refusing to eat his greens.

However, when the owner offers the dog some cheese, it quickly says nods its head a couple times!

The video shows the Rottweiler sitting in front of a plate full of pieces of broccoli, carrot and several slices of cheese.

When the ower raises a slice of cheese and asks whether he wants to eat it, the dog immediately says yes

“Want it? Do you want cheese?” the lady asks her pet dog and the hungry canine quickly nods his head eagerly to eat the delicious cheese.

However, when his owner raises a piece of broccoli and asks the same question, the smart Rottweiler shakes his head even before she can finish her question!

When the owner returns back to the slices of cheese and says, “Do you want cheese?”, the dog nods his head like he does at the beginning of the video.

His dislike for vegetable also extends to the several pieces of carrot on his plate. Like the broccoli, the dog also says a big “No” to the root vegetable

It seems like dogs, too, know the smart choice when it comes to choosing between vegetables and cheese!

Watch this smart dog favours slices of cheese over vegetables in this hilarious video

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Homeless Dog Forces Rescuer To Use Dangerous Method To Save Her Life

It was late at night, the dog was living by the side of the road. With large trucks zipping by and no barrier between the dog and the busy street, they decided to lay down a trap.

But Opal was super smart, which meant that Eldad had to resort to a method he did not want to use.

“I don’t like doing what I am about to do, but it was the only way,” says Eldad Hagar about his rescue of Opal. “I really don’t like using this method – especially knowing it will cost me in a painful bite, but I had no choice here,” he writes.

Luring Opal over to him with food, Eldad snatches her up and pins her down. After a few minutes of chaos and frightened barks, Opal was finally safe.

“Luckily, I had Loreta Frankonyte with me who helped me secure little Opal,” Eldad writes.

Watch the dramatic rescue in the video below.

Opal is now in foster care, but she needs rehabilitation as she is definitely not used to human attention.

“Opal needs a very special home for someone who will give her endless love, someone who will hug her and will continue the amazing work that her foster mom is doing,” says Eldad. “To apply to adopt Opal, please contact our friends at Paw Prints In The Sand.

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Pit Bull In Wheelchair Meets Another Dog With Wheels And They Instantly Become Best Friends

“She was missing for two months and we found her two months later around Christmas time in a canyon with a broken back, so she’s paralyzed from the waist down,” Jackie says. “We don’t know what caused her to break her back, so she wasn’t hurt like this before the accident, she was a completely normal dog and then this happened.”

Jackie has since then put Zoey in therapy and bought her dog a set of wheels to scoot around on.

Zoey has never met another handicapped dog before so Jackie set up a beach playdate in San Diego, California with another dog named Scooty in June 2017.

“This is going to be Zoey’s first time playing with another handicapped dog,” Jackie says. “So, I’m so interested to see how Zoey is with Scooty and what Zoey thinks of seeing another dog in a wheelchair — I’m really, really excited for this!”

When Jackie got to the beach with her dog, she got her paws wet then when she saw Scooty she raced after her into the water! Along with Scooty, Zoey played with other dogs in the ocean just the way any dog would.

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Shelter Gets Crazy and Creative To Get Pets Adopted

Many shelters use social media to spread pictures and videos, but West Memphis Animal Shelter has taken a wild, crazy, incredibly creative route in getting the word out about their adoptable pets! Adoption and Rescue Coordinator Trent Stacey is making sure that the videos he puts out on the WMAS Facebook page are getting viewed, getting shared, and getting pets out of the shelter!

Trent’s approach puts an eye-catching spin on the videos usually shared by a shelter! His antics earn several views for every pup or kitty who is featured! Trent tells iHeartDogs,

“I try to make them as silly and crazy and attention-grabbing as we can, and I think we usually accomplish that.”

It’s not unusual at the West Memphis Animal Shelter to see Trent dressed as a shark, or witch, or “Trent Ga-Ga” and snuggling up with a pooch or two! The idea for these outrageous videos came from shelter volunteer Christy Carter, who suggested that Trent try costumes to draw more attention to the shelter pets.

“She just started going crazy buying every kind of dog costume, and then all of a sudden she said ‘Instead of just dressing up the dogs, I want you to start wearing stuff!’

“Of course, I have no shame, and I am really never embarrassed. So, I said, ‘You give me anything and pick out whatever you want me to wear. I’ll wear anything!’ She’s coming up with some crazy ideas!”

Kerry Facello, the shelter’s director, provides ideas and storylines, and volunteer Christy brings along costumes and holiday-related themes! Their creative minds and Trent’s willingness to help his homeless pals has put him in some interesting clothes and situations, but they’ll tell you it’s worth it to find these pets homes.

“Usually every animal leaves. We get a lot of views and a lot of shares and it does really seem to get the animals out of here faster. People will call and say, ‘I saw this dog on this video with Trent in a shark costume.’ It has helped a lot.

“James Bond just recently did a shark week video. He was adopted because of that video. The woman who adopted him was a shark week fan and was just obsessed with him. His adoption was finalized today, actually. A lot of the dogs get pulled by rescues – the videos are shared all over.

“We do a ton of dog and cat sad videos trying to get them out. But people after a while will say ‘Can you please do another costume video? You haven’t done any in a week!’”

Each featured animal gets a lot of attention from rescues, potential homes, and some will get several applications to adopt. It’s Trent’s love for animals that has him doing backflips in crazy costumes to get them noticed.

“I started doing animal rescue in 2002. I did hair for 20 years until I decided that animals had always been my passion. I’ve been involved in rescue for about 16 years. I’ve rescued dogs and cats, to llamas and pot-bellied pigs, and you name it! I even have a pigeon in my office with a broken wing named after me – T.J., Trent Jr. I’ve rescued a lot of things but I just really love rescuing dogs and cats. That’s my real passion.”

These videos and the other good work done by shelter staff are earning a lot of attention. The shelter’s Facebook page has over 33,000 followers – the city of West Memphis has a population of about 26,000. To compare, another shelter in a city of over 2 million has only 36,000 followers – but they don’t have a Trent. The attention is making a difference for these pets.

“I would do pretty much anything to save a dog or cat’s life.”

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