Terrified Stray Golden Covered Her Face In Fear, But Soon She Learned That They Were There To Help

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a phone call regarding a nervous stray Golden Retriever.

Volunteers drove to area and spent five days trying to locate her. They finally spotted her right near a train. The loud noise from the trains passing by scared her, so she ran and hid under a dumpster.

One volunteer reached underneath the dumpster with a long snare to try and get it around the dog’s head, while another volunteer used a pole from the other side to guide the dog’s head so she wouldn’t run away. They eventually got the snare around her, and she started whining and fighting back.

Source: https://blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com

Baby Kisses Sleeping Pit Bull. Now Watch The Dog’s Reaction…

In the video below, a toddler walks up to a sleeping pit bull and gives him a giant kiss. While some people may be uneasy about letting a baby get that close to a pit bull, the dog barely moves. Instead when he sees the baby smile, this “vicious” dog attacks the baby…with kisses! There’s no doubt that this baby and pit bull will be best friends for life.

If you’ve ever loved a pit bull, or owned one, you know they are caring and beautiful dogs — and are great with kids — as long as they’re raised in a loving home.

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10 Things Only PitBull Owners Understand

#1 – Having to choose where you live based on whether or not your dog is welcome

#2 –Getting dirty looks when you walk your dog down the street because people assume he’s aggressive

#3 – There is nothing like a bully cuddle

#4 –Being denied entry at a dog friendly place due to your dog’s breed – even if he is a service dog

#5 – You enter the dog park and all the other dog owners grab their dog and leave

#6 – His smile can brighten even the darkest day

#7 – The feeling when someone says “your dog should be put down, it’s dangerous”

#8 – You’ve mastered the art of convincing others your dog is a lab and shepherd mix – you can even point out which part of their body belongs to which breed

#9 – The feeling when you tell your friends you’re pregnant and they ask you when you are getting rid of your dog

#10 – The amazing feeling when someone meets your dog and says “I had no idea pit bulls where so sweet.”

Source: http://arounthewrl.com